Monday, October 20, 2008

A day frot with event.

After breakfast I will go up to the post office and dispatch my vote. And things are looking good. Powell’s endorsement is a big one – that’s the man who could have been the first black president of the U.S. if he had chosen to go down that path. And Justin Webb thinks the public has spotted the fact that our friend Mrs Palin isn’t fit to be president.

I watched some of the clips on my computer from that charity dinner at which Obama and McCain both spoke. Of course it was their speechwriters being funny, but both men played their parts well and the good humour of the whole event was touching. How can one not love Obama’s smile? I thought the Cardinal was a hoot – he looked straight out of Monty Python. I have never seen the Cardinal Archbishop of Edinburgh looking remotely like that, either in news photographs or when he pitches up at the Cathedral as not infrequently. Maybe there are different degrees of Cardinal and New York ranks higher? Maybe it’s just that I’ve never seen Keith Patrick at a formal dinner.

Then, as if that weren’t enough, my patriotic duty discharged I will file our income tax for ‘07-‘08 on-line. I did it last year; I had a dry run yesterday and established that our password and ID code still work. The figures are ready. But it’s scary.

At the end of the afternoon I have an appt with our dr – it’s just to have my blood pressure taken, hoping to establish whether that is a factor in what went wrong with my eye last week. I expected only to see the practice nurse. But I am not at all happy with the current performance of my left eye, and will be glad to tell a doctor about it.

As for knitting, I’m doing row 30 of the 9th repeat of the Princess centre. We hope to go to Strathardle on Thursday, after my next appt at the eye hospital. The rows are too long these days to allow a realistic hope of finishing the repeat (46 rows) by then. Maybe I’ll apply Cynthia’s Formula on Wednesday night anyway, to see how far I’ve got, percentage-wise.

I learn from an ad in the new Knitter’s that KF has done some more sock yarns for Regia!


  1. about your eyes . how annoying. hopefully everything will be better soon.

    as for the us. this is so interesting what is happening and what it will lead to. and you are right. it is hard not to love obama's smile and wits. and i like his volatile looks. not settled in his ways at all.
    he looks like somebody with a lot of energy. the mccain side doesn't look like that at all.

  2. Anonymous12:00 PM

    McCain insulted all of us with his choice, it's actually scary to think of her in Lyndon Johnson's place when he was v.p. to Kennedy. And her winking is so girly, how can she be taken seriously?

  3. I agree about Mr Powell. He could have been Pres. But I think Bush messed that up for him. It also looks like his side will contest the election anyway. I hope your eye trouble clears up. My Mother works for one of the leading eye clinics here in the states. Vision problems can be very scary.

  4. Anonymous5:47 PM

    My brother thinks McCain doesn't want to be president and the Republicans don't want a possible deeper recession blamed on them, so they deliberately chose Palin to destroy their chances.

    Medical hint: _never_ tell a doctor you feel fine; resist the social training to say that out of politeness. Always say "Sick" or "Terribly worried" or whatever you need them to pay attention to.

    And be _insistent_ - a friend of mine had to tell her ophthalmologist that she wasn't going to leave the office until they found out what was wrong with her eyes; after several hours and three doctors, they finally realized she had detached retinas in both eyes. Immediate major surgery managed to save both eyes but they had been telling her she was "fine" and she knew she wasn't.

    Here's hoping your eyes stay healthy.

  5. Good advice, =Tamar! Hope all goes well, Jean!

    I am VERY heartened today. At the county courthouse earlier, I found out that the Republican leader of the county, now 90 years old or so, has publicly stated he is voting for Obama - first time in his life he is not voting for the Republican ticket. And there are Obama signs all over this small, rural/farming community of about 2,000 residents - and I've only seen one McCain sign.

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