Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Princess moves forward so well that my current favoured-option to deal with the inadvertent offset of the pattern, is to go forward as the pattern as now set; the ultimate dog-leg. I think when I finish the 7th repeat, in a couple of days, the thing will be to spread it out for photography and then leave it there a day for contemplation – and see what you guys think. I can always work on the Tilted Blocks scarf from “Knitting New Scarves” – we’d almost forgotten about that one.

Clare G., I had a lot of fun with the palette generator and have earmarked it in the “Knitting Ideas and Thots” section of my Favorites list. I agree, yesterday’s angel emerges disappointingly from the process; Vermeer’s Milkmaid, surprisingly, isn’t much better. But Edith Sitwell – again, from yesterday -- does rather well.

(The Milkmaid was Shan’s idea. Visiting her blog just now to establish the link, I have been sold on “A Fine Fleece”. Maybe I’m not too old to learn to spin, and meanwhile there are wonderful patterns there.)

I’m beginning to fear that I may have to use Shetland yarn after all, for the sake of the generous choice of colours.


Kathie, I am very glad I was spared the sight of Mrs Palin winking at the camera. We could have seen the whole debate last night (a day after the event) but I eschewed it.


  1. A Fine Fleece is not a spinning book, not really. As a spinner, I regard it more of a good reference to use as to how which fibers act, with a lot of patterns I can knit from them, and it gives the patterns with the wpi I need to achieve and names the fiber used, in addition to having a commercial yarn version of the same sweater. It's definitely a 2-for-1 kind of deal. I'm knitting one of the vests with Rowan Cocoon but will do one of the sweaters with my own handspun. Carol at Go Knit In Your Hat did a great review on it awhile back, including some photos for the sweater, if you want to take a peek.

  2. Oh, yeah, I forgot to add-you're never to old to learn to spin but I'd more recommend Teach Yourself Visually To Handspin than A Fine Fleece for that. And The Joy of Handspinning video site. Plus the tons of video on YouTube. Look for Abby Franquemont videos, she's a wonder, on both spindle and wheel.

  3. Palette generator? I haven't been there yet. Must check it out. I was rather hoping you'd do the Milkmaid sweater since I probably won't get around to it for years if ever, but maybe I'll do it myself after all! I've been sketching...

  4. How can anyone be too old to learn to spin? It's not like you have to run up and down the length of a rugby pitch whilst doing it, after all. (Just as well.....) It also gives you the opportunity to develop a second stash.......*grin*

    There's a beginners course being run by Scottish Fibres in the spring, date yet to be confirmed. Or I could show you the basics and loan you a wheel to play with?

    Also, try this site for the UK equivalent of a Fine Fleece
    She does small downloadable spinning projects and also online spinning tutorials. Very good teacher, Diane.