Wednesday, October 22, 2008

World Affairs

The world seems, just at the moment, to have embarked on another roller coaster ride. Share prices and – bizarrely, to my mind – the value of the pound fell briskly last night and are continuing to do so this morning.

Theresa, I’ve added that site you suggested to my Favorites. It looks encouraging. Justin Webb seems to think McCain might win in the Electoral College although he will lose the popular vote. My sister saw a CNN presentation yesterday where some rather convincing Republican commentators predicted a McCain win. She came away worried. The newspaper articles on the he-is-going-to-visit-his-grandmother theme are all we could ask for.

I remain confident. I think. It’s very hard to grasp, after all this time, that it will soon be over.

We have had two new donations to our thermometer, one of them with a message about my eyes. I am very grateful. I haven’t matched them yet – and if I do, it won’t show on the thermometer anyway because I now have to come in from “abroad”. Someone claiming to be from “Obama for America” rang me up the other evening and asked for my passport number all over again – I have had to supply it with my last two or three donations. I didn’t divulge it again. She said she’d send me an email, and never did. It was odd. Her voice sounded absolutely right for a keen young Obama supporter.

I’m having trouble with red and blue. I don’t think we had them when I was young. I associate red with left and therefore expect it to be the Democratic colour. I have to re-think things from the start every time I see one of those maps.

When I was young the Democrats could count on the “solid South”. I gather Lyndon Johnson signed it away with the Civil Rights act (and good for him). It would be rather wonderful if Obama could reclaim even one Confederate state.


The non-junk e-mail I get included this, this morning, about a new wool-and-silk Koigu. Mmmmmm. I bought some cashmere Koigu last year, some may remember, and learned the never-to-be-forgotten lesson that cashmere doesn’t take dye all that well. (I knit up all the yarn, though; at least it’s not languishing in stash.) But silk does, and of course wool does.

Theresa, I can never get stitch and row tension (gauge) to coincide, and have long since given up trying. How do they do it?

I’ve finished row 38 of the 9th repeat of the Princess centre. The rows are definitely getting long and slow – and November looms. It now doesn’t seem very likely that I’ll achieve my aim of knitting the first 17 rows of the next repeat, the moderately tough ones, before switching to Ketki’s sweater.

Perhaps I could take a picture of Alexander’s socks for tomorrow. Cynthia, you can count on me not to attempt the Princess with dilated pupils. There should be a report on my eyes tomorrow, too, even if it’s only “no news”.


  1. I would be very worried about giving out passport or other identification numbers over the phone to people who had called me, rather than the other way 'round. It's one of the big no-no's the experts on identity theft always emphasize.

    There are several Southern states, my native South Carolina included, with very large black (and growing latino) minorities. If those voting blocs can be effectively mobilized, then an Obama win in one of those states is certainly within grasp, if not a foregone conclusion. It's definitely something worth hoping for.

  2. Anonymous12:21 PM

    I agree on the red and blue. In Canada the Conservatives use blue, and the Liberals use red.
    I always have trouble with the maps of the political USA ...
    Lisa in Toronto

  3. i think the red state blue state thing was an invention of Tim Russert, a TV journalist. They didn't use red for dems to avoid the pinko commie tag, I suppose. It still feels confusing to me. I got a blue porch light to use when the republicans were in town.

  4. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Well North Carolina remains a draw- mainly because so many northerners, and latinos have moved there in the last few years- along with its big African American population-- it could go for Obama.

    Thank you for your reassurance on Ohio- the Republicans failed in their attempt to stop all those new voters (the Supreme Court ordered them to back off saying that political groups could not sue on behalf of the law- thank God) but we have been warned that there might be shenanegans at the polls especially in college towns (where I live and work). We (the young, new faculty) have been advised by the college to go in a large group so that we have witnesses in case anything goes wrong and that the college has lawyers and contacts to report any wrong doing. It strikes me that if the administration is getting so ready, then they feel that something might happen. Everyone here is on pins and needles about the election....

  5. Anonymous6:54 PM

    I think Obama will come out with a win in more than one of these confederate states. Hopefully, several will go Democrat.