Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another successful evening with the hat. The second rank of shells are finished, the third well established. We’ve rather suddenly decided to go to Strathardle today, back Tue or Wed insh’Allah, and I think, contrary to usual practice, I might take it along.

Odds and ends

One bid has come in for the early VKB. eBay doesn't tell you the code names of your competitors any more, which takes away some of the fun.

I meant to recommend this video a couple of days ago – Nancy Bush knitting nupps (which are not pronounced the way you might think). She’s got very clean hands. I’ll have to get the book, although I still don’t think I’m all that keen on Estonian lace. Nupps are too much like bobbles, and bobbles are against my religion.

The Fishwife is amusing on the subject of Interweave Knits “Holiday Gifts”. Why didn’t I get it with my subscription?

Stash haus, thank you for the link to the Obama website. [I want a spotted cat exactly like yours.] I do like the feeling that someone’s in charge and that things are moving forward with a plan. The mess, on the other hand, gets more monumental every day. Bush must be glad he’s getting out of it, and Obama must wonder if he shouldn’t ring up Senator McCain and offer him the job after all. I try to decide, so far without success, whether the annual dark-days feeling of immanent doom is augmented or actually relieved by the fact that doom is in fact immanent. What is going to happen to General Motors? to put it more succinctly.


  1. Jean, the Holiday Knits mag has always been extra to subscription.

    Apparently it's all part of the Shopping Season fun to have yet one more item for which you must hunt high and low.

  2. Scottish Fibres has the Holiday IK. I got it from Doreen on Tuesday when she came to spinning group. I think she's got a few in stock so it would be worth emailing her.

  3. Anonymous2:08 PM

    23/6 did their version of Obama and Bush's White House meeting. It pretty well summed up what Dubya must be feeling right now.

  4. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Try this instead

  5. Anonymous3:13 PM

    I thought this one was amazing, too: There's an org chart, plum books, prune books. or

    It has a civics course, teamwork seminar and time-management guide all in one stop.

    Gerrie in MN

  6. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Before you buy - Liz Lovick reviewed Nancy Bush's book of Estonian projects on Amazon UK. Liz was disappointed in the minuscule amount of history. If you just want some patterns, they're apparently pretty good (but I think I've heard that the lilies of the valley are upside down when you wear the shawl).

  7. Did you know there are bidding systems for ebay which bid for you in the last few seconds?
    I know of one called Powersnipe which you pay for, but I think there are free ones as well, and if it's for something you really, really, really want....