Saturday, January 24, 2009

Very near the top-of-sleeve shaping; not quite there. Picture tomorrow.

And speaking of sweaters, I trust we are all gasping with admiration day by day at Joe’s stranded pullover. Stunning, both in design and execution.

I hugely admire Jared’s cabled gloves (and am interested to hear that there is a Winter VK still to come, and here we are practically at Groundhog Day). But I’m not going to be tempted down that path. No more fingers, ever, let alone cabled ones. Unless I do them Meg’s sideways way, and that would rule out cables.

I had an unexpected morning off yesterday, in so far as one ever gets a morning off in old age, and spent it making a good start on my vegetable-ordering. I get seeds (and, this year, plants) from a lot of different sources, which slows things down. Although not as much as still having to do it with pen and ink and chequebook would slow me down. I’ve done potatoes (Rocket, Pink Fir Apple, Picasso, and Epicure) and Real Seeds, Edwin Tucker and Seeds of Italy. Salsola Soda is on its way.

I am not at all sure that I am strong enough to do all this, this year, but I’m going to try. The hope would be to get a good stretch of time in Strathardle in April-May, when everything has to be done at once.


Thanks for the observations on re-doing the presidential Oath of Office. I suppose you’ve all seen that the blog-writing-nuts have now fastened on the fact that a Bible wasn’t used the second time, proving that Obama is a closet Muslim as we’ve suspected all along.

I knew from newspaper stories here that two other presidents had re-taken the oath. Thanks to you, Stash Haus, I pursued the matter through Google. The other two were Chester Arthur and Calvin Coolidge. In both cases, they had been sworn in by a state official and the question was, did it count if it wasn’t the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?

So what about Lyndon Johnson? We all remember that picture of his swearing-in, on the presidential airplane, with a stunned and blood-spattered Jackie among the witnesses. Did they happen to have the Chief Justice along in Dallas that day? Or do superstitious scruples change with the seasons? It would certainly have been a criminal error of judgment to re-do that one.

Judith, I think that’s a lovely idea, to have a get-together at I Knit. And if we set it up and nail it down, so to speak, before the next time we go to London, it’ll be easier for me to plan a temporary escape from art.


  1. Anonymous9:45 AM

    I'd love another visit to I Knit too so hope you will let us know when you plan to go. I'm in Kent so it is quite an easy trip :-)

  2. Anonymous11:47 PM

    Regarding Pres. Johnson's swearing in, he was the first President sworn in by a woman, federal Judge Sarah T. Hughes. And he didn't swear on a bible but on a Catholic missal that happened to be on the plane and belonged to Pres. Kennedy. So President Obama's second swearing in certainly wasn't the first to not use a bible during the oath-taking.

    As for Jared's gloves, I'm afraid I fell completely for them and picked up the pattern and Rowan today. I'll think of you as I curse my way through those fingers. :-)

  3. as usual I always read all your posts, even if I am behind.

    And .... thanks for the head's up about Jared's gloves -- I promptly called the LYS store but the mag isn't quite in the shop yet. Hopefully next week! Who knew that an issue would be so .... ummm .... late!