Wednesday, January 07, 2009


We’re doing fine. Rachel is happy to have her father to stay during the relevant days – and she’ll manage nicely. She’s known him almost as long as I have. I’ve written to the Griswold Inn about a room. I looked up the Hartford, CT, airport – their current list of destinations doesn’t include anything international unless you count Puerto Rico, but that could change as summer approaches. Or I might be able to make a connection in Newark. That problem can be set aside for a couple of months while I think what to wear, and knit.

I am greatly looking forward to the Rehearsal Dinner. We don’t have them, over here. We spend that last evening, if we’re lucky, sitting about with our dear child and some old friends, just our team, not the other side. That’s for tomorrow.


The sleeve proceeds. I’ve finished the first instruction – inc one at each side every four rows 21 times, and now proceed to inc one at each side every six rows 8 times. The effect is slightly Princess-like, the way the rows get longer and longer.

I do agree, Knititch, that knitting a circular raglan is fun because of the way it goes faster and faster. Knitting a square shawl inwards from the border is much the same. This time I’ve got set-in sleeves, so the effect is lost. I plan to join the shoulder seams, and set in the sleeves, with a three-needle bind-off using the pink Calcutta Cup colour. If that turns out to look too twee, it can easily be removed.

The winter Knitter’s turned up in the last post before we left for Loch Fyne. Nothing much. I sort of perhaps like the shape of the Chanel-ish jacket on p. 90. I didn’t make knitting plans (resolutions) for ’09 because there’s only one: finish the Princess. But if I get that done, a jacket for self in Lorna’s Laces Panopticon colourway may loom in the future. EZ and Meg’s “Round the Bend” is a strong contender, but Chanel-ish is a possibility.


  1. Anonymous10:49 AM

    There IS one airline which flies directly to Bradley (Hartford) from Europe. Northwest Airlines Flight 97 flies Amsterdam-Bradley (BDL) leaving 1:25 pm, arriving 3:40 pm in Hartford. There must be several connecting flights you can get into Amsterdam in the morning.

    Hartford is definitely a much better choice if you can get the flights. Good luck


  2. Hartford is a problem. You can't get a flight from either JFK or Logan to Hartford. One solution is to fly to Washington Dulles and then catch a flight to Hartford. We've done it with several overseas flights and it works. The gates at Dulles can be spread far apart. You may have to consider the dreaded cart!

  3. Anonymous9:49 PM

    if you can arrange a ride, Hartford is a long but not impossible drive from Newark.

  4. Anonymous2:25 AM

    Yes there are car services that will pick you up at JFK and drive you to Hartford- it is not at all uncommon or even terribly expensive (comparatively)

    I for one, hate travel, and I am young and in good health. It has just become onerous these days and everyone is crabby and tense. Knitting typically keeps me in good spirits, but every once in a while I run into some fool who eyes my needles nervously to say "they let you on with those?"

    Some people.