Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Many thanks again for comments and encouragement.

My sister phoned yesterday, and assures me I can be met wherever I arrive, by one of a posse of wedding guests flowing in from New York and Boston. (I utterly agree with Janis that the latter is to be preferred. Our mother lived, in her last years, in an excellent nursing home within walking distance of my sister’s house in Essex, CT. What little I know of travel concerns how to get back and forth from that spot.)

I am sort of sorry to abandon my imaginary construct of that little hotel in Boston, but will today forge forward with real-world plans. If I can achieve the airport in Hartford, I might even be met by bride or bridegroom, my sister said. I found myself thinking yesterday about what knitting to take.

Asking for airline help for the journey is out, for a silly reason. (And anyway, unpleasant though travel is for all of us, that’s not the problem. Leaving my husband is. He depends on me, and I’ve got used to being depended on.)

My mother was a difficult character. She was never “friends” with both my sister and me at once, and at the end of her life she made an emphatic switch to my sister, who was essentially the more congenial character. On one of her last visits to England, I met her at Gatwick. We hadn’t seen each other for a couple of years. She came sailing in on one of those buggies and greeted me – her absolutely first words – with, “He’s looking after me”.

I’ll never ride on one.


Yesterday was largely spent at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, for a respiratory appt for my husband. I wasn’t really needed, but he wanted me to go along. The verdict was that his puff is declining at a gentle rate and there’s nothing they can do about it -- much as expected.

The wait, however, was prolonged, and I made great strides with Ketki’s first sleeve. I think we’re all agreed that when a sweater is knit in the round, the great thing is to get as far as the armpits. After that, it knits itself. I continue very pleased with the way this is looking.


  1. i totally agree on the knitting a sweater in the round statement. i don't understand why some people hate all those yoke stitches they have to deal with. because they become less and less and that is half the fun.

    your journey sounds exciting. of course it is hard to leave hubby alone considering all the trips you go on together. but it is nice to be depended on, i think.

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