Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Edinburgh snow is largely gone. In England, it’s raining a lot. Maybe the worst is over.

Not much to report, knitting-wise. I finished row 34, rather a slow one, and am well embarked on 35. Yesterday evening we watched a French film – Ne Le Dis a Personne – in which there is a lot of talking and not very legible subtitles. Not nearly as conducive to lace knitting as a tedious VI Nations rugby match.

I failed to secure Vogue Knitting Book number 53, which I need for its cover, in an eBay auction this morning, but won No. 55. No 38 is coming up later today. That’s spring, 1951, and may get pricey.

Here’s a totally miscellaneous tidbit: there was an obituary in the Waffy yesterday of a Battle of Britain pilot-hero with a reference to “Lord Grosvenor, who considered the aeroplane a military development of the horse.” It’s a position which can be defended.


I am excited by the news in yesterday’s comments that a new model is about to appear. It’s not as if Amazon were an exclusively American company – surely if it’s a success they’ll release it over here before the summer.

Your point, Gerrie, about clutter is one that had occurred to me. In fact, I don’t read all that much these days (except for journalism, over meals). When I sit, I knit. But there are exceptions, and the paperback souveniers of those exceptions fill every corner. If I had a Kindle, I could get rid of it all – except for the Marjorie Allingham’s; I’ll keep her. I liked Angel’s point from a few days ago, that a Kindle allows you to read trash without anybody knowing.

Not that Allingham is trash. Far from it.

And, Cynthia, your news that the new Kindle can read out loud is simply stunning.


  1. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Are you sure that we aren't related? I LOVE Marjorie Allingham, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to find her books; they must be out of print.

    My guilty pleasure..Patricia Wentworth, and her knitting detective, Miss Silver, whose knitting always "depends" from her needle. Do you know the books?

    If you like mysteries, you'll love manybooks.net. I had never heard of Charles Williamson, or Grant Allen, and now they are among my favorites.

    Change of subject.....Northampton. Smith, Amherst or UMass?


  2. oh another Allingham fan. surely you must have seen the Peter Davison essay as Campion? they are available to watch instantly on your pc or tv on Netflix here although i taped them all years ago when they came out (however vhs may not be good anymore).

    i stumbled across her after devouring Ngaio Marsh and of course after the great Dorothy Sayers.

    Read the Wentworth too.

  3. Another Kindle fan here. I've had mine for almost a year.

    Another great thing about the Kindle: it's really easy to knit and read with it. It takes only the tip of a finger to turn the page!

    I hope they come to your side of the pond soon!