Monday, February 02, 2009

Groundhog Day

It’s a filthy day. I can’t see anybody being tempted out of hibernation, shadow or no shadow. Edinburgh is so far spared the snow which is currently strangling the Souff, but the forecast is unpleasant and I am very much inclined not to gratify my husband’s wish to attempt Strathardle tomorrow.

On the other hand, I got some more seeds this morning, and the Roottrainers, which look interesting, and the Microgreens kit. Perhaps I’ll try some of the Cherokee beans in Roottrainers.

And on yet another hand, the owner of VKB 16 has named a price. It’s steep, but it means I get to keep Alexander and all my books. I can’t let it go.

Mary Lou, it is very kind of you to offer me an American post-war VKB. First, I thought we could do the comparison with emails and maybe some pictures, but I realise I’d rather see it. I promise to send it straight back.

eBay has got quite a spate of ‘50’s and ‘60’s VKBs at the moment. I hope I will take the time today to go through my collection and see which ones need replacing.

Now, knitting.

I set in the first sleeve successfully yesterday using a three-needle bind-off. I wasn’t absolutely sure I liked the pinkness. I’m happier with it this morning. If in doubt, take it out, is a sound principle of life. This one is right on the cusp.

I started by slipping a needle through the stitches I meant to pick up, just to see how hard it would be to get an identical number from sleeve and sleeve-hole. Tamar pointed out in a comment recently that the stitch-count has to be identical. It was easy-peasy: full marks to the pattern. Then I knitted up both sets of stitches. Then three-needle’d them, which is rather a fiddly job. I’ll do the other sleeve today, insh’Allah. But as a technique for setting in a sleeve, I think I can recommend the three-needle bind-off. You don’t have to do it in pink.

This year's Six Nations rugby tournament -- in which Scotland will lose the Calcutta Cup -- is about to begin. A most appropriate week in which to finishthe sweater.


  1. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Is the bound off edge on the exterior or interior of the sweater? Was there a reason you chose to do this in the pink rather than the body yarn?

  2. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Looking at it as a whole, I like the way the pink helps to balance the pink in the waistband. The effect is rather like putting piping in a jacket seam.

  3. Anonymous1:21 PM

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