Saturday, February 14, 2009

We recently signed up for Lovefilm (recommended) where you pay a set monthly fee and give them a list of DVD’s you’d like to see and they send you one from the list and you keep it as long as you like and when you send it back they send another. They provide the post-paid envelope. We’ve got the cheapest subscription of all, two DVD’s a month for £4.

Yesterday I went over and added A Very Peculiar Practice to my list. I will watch closely for you, Tricia. And for Hugh Grant. I see it was written by Andrew Davies – I couldn’t assign a CV to him, but I think I know that his is a Big Name.

I may never have mentioned that my son James lived for a year on the same stair at New College, Oxford, as Hugh Grant – and once loaned him a frying pan. There’s glory for you.


I did three rows of Centre Repeat #11 yesterday. I feel a new spring in my step now that I have done all those sums and spread it out and had a look. In fact, however, things are a bit glummer than they were – I had misremembered and thought I had to do only 12 repeats and then find a good stopping-place in the 13th. It’s one repeat worse than that – there are 13 complete ones.

Row 2 is rather difficult, and I am glad to be past it again. It’s the row that sets the patterns for the repeat. The knitting is perfectly simple, but it’s not symmetrical. You can’t look down in the middle of (say) a 5-stitch run of knit stitches and reassure yourself that the middle stitch is lined up with the middle of something below. One knits all the way across in a state of anxiety.


The word “mild” – or at least “milder” -- is beginning to crop up in weather reports, and we have our eye on the end of next week for a northward venture at last. All my seeds are here, including salsola soda, but I’m still waiting for the seed potatoes.


  1. Andrew Davies writes all the especially sugary classics adaptations, like the Colin Firth P&P. He's highly regarded, not least by himself.

  2. I recognized his name right away - as I'm one of the many who adore Colin Firth and his Mr. Darcy. I also enjoyed Middlemarch, Wives and Daughters, and especially liked Bleak House. Even my husband was caught up in the drama of Bleak House. What I haven't seen - and need to put on my Netflix (similar to your Lovefilm) list is House of Cards.

    As for our weather, after a week of unseasonably warm weather, our snow melted - only to have it snow most of the afternoon and evening yesterday.
    Winter is not yet done with us.

  3. Lovefilm sounds very much like Netflix here in the US, except cheaper. I have to say, though, that Netflix is our sole source of movies and television viewing, so the price isn't bad at all when one considers the costs of satellite or cable.