Sunday, March 08, 2009

Brief, this morning – but not for lack of cheerfulness or determination. Just Sunday, demands of hospitality, need-to-get-to-Mass. (I find I am thinking of Lent this year much as I think of the Princess centre – 25% finished.)

I had a good time yesterday both at the Farmer’s Market (I bought mutton, rare-breed pork – I’m ever searching for some that doesn’t taste like cardboard – and venison sausages from a stall where I knew that the farmer’s wife is the daughter of a man who used to teach me Greek in Glasgow, oh! many years ago) and at K1 Yarns. Both were crowded, I’m happy to report. At the latter I bought yarn (surprise!) which I will report on tomorrow, along with my current thoughts on what to do with it.

Kristieinbc, I subscribe to something called Google Analytics (free). It provides statistics, many of which I don’t understand – but it shows clearly enough how many “hits” the blog gets every day. The current gentle downward trend is unmistakable. It also shows “hits” geographically; that’s a lot of fun. I knew there was someone checking in from Alexandria before Cynthia introduced herself and said hello.

There’s Princess news-and-musings to report, too. All that tomorrow, I hope. Tuesday, at the worst.

It’s snowing in Edinburgh this morning. Didn’t expect that, and it may upset Strathardle plans.


  1. Jean, google analytics might not show people who, as I do, read your blog through a reader/feeder which aggregates all new posts from all blogs of interest (*) into one page--which does mean I click directly to your page less frequently.

    (*) The ones I've subscribed to, anyway. It does not yet suggest new blogs which might be of interest.

  2. Wren, you stole my whole message! I don't always click over either, but I read through an RSS feed daily.

    Reading your blog, Jean, allows me to visit another country vicariously. And it certainly leads me to constant knit-envy when I read of your projects!

  3. I'm another one that checks in on and reads your blog every day.

    My Koigu friend just emailed me with another selection to look thru when I go down to the coast the first weekend of April. She's found more reds and blues.

  4. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Have you tried organic pork? I have an organic meat box from Riverford Farm (too far away from you in Devon!) and the pork is wonderful. I gave up eating pork chops for years because of the taste and consistency - cardboard is a good description!

  5. As well as I. I subscribed quite a long time ago, through google reader, so rarely (except for today) actually click over to most blogs. I subscribe to, and read, many, on various subjects, every day. Jean, yours is always interesting and enjoyable.

  6. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Dear Jean,
    I have never stopped reading even when I stopped commenting regularly. I enjoy your posts very much.

    A suggestion for finding new links: when you find one you like look to see if the blogger lists their own list of favourite blogs. I find that they often have a similar quality to the one I first found. ALso, when people get these special "awards" and have to link to 7 other blogs, I usually follow these links too. My bloglines have increased gradually over the past two years due to these tactics.

    I loved the chevron sweater Jean.

    All the best,

  7. Anonymous8:44 PM

    I read your most recent posts first thing every morning - but from Google feed reader, so I don't think you see my stats :) So, each day, add one hit from Canada.

  8. Anonymous2:24 AM

    The yarn store in Oberlin is really a half home-furnishings store and yarn store. Mainly, they sell rugs and flooring and yarn. A bit of an odd combo but it works for them. They have a nice selection of Noro and sock yarn.

    Can't wait to see what kind of yarn you picked up in your outing the other day.

  9. Anonymous12:58 PM

    I also read your blog faithfully through Google Reader.