Friday, March 20, 2009

Sure enough, a good day yesterday.

Helen and I had a merry lunch, then went to John Lewis where I didn’t buy any yarn, or anything else, always a good feeling, and where Lindsay loaned me the EZ DVD’s. The idea was to test my new machine to see whether it would play Zone 1 (American) DVD’s although it claimed it wouldn’t.

The answer is emphatically yes.

It was an odd experience to see EZ and hear her talking after decades of knitting her patterns and reading and re-reading her words. She’s school-mistressy, Lindsay’s accurate verdict, and her voice is very English. I can detect no hint of the many years spent in Wisconsin. I look forward – maybe today! – to “meeting” Meg. Lindsay rightly said that it was impossible to watch and knit, but I found I could (and did) get the first skeins wound for my Adult Surprise (appropriately).

And I’ve also had a delicious time this morning scrolling through the Schoolhouse Press DVD list. The Saddle-Sleeved Bavarian Twisted Stitch Jacket and the Russian Prime are my current choices for disposing of the money I didn’t spend yesterday.

I’ve finished row 22 of the 13th repeat of the Princess centre. However, I also went back over my calculations last night and decided that I need to start the garter stitch base for my signature box on row 27, not row 23 as I thought yesterday. I have reviewed the calculations this morning, with my synapses in better order, and agree with myself about row 27. I think I’ll go through the whole thing again, however, before actually beginning row 23.

Calcutta Cup

It’s tomorrow!

I had been worrying about whether Ketki ever got her Calcutta Cup '08 sweater – one of the best I’ve ever knit, I modestly think. Yesterday I asked, and the answer is yes. My anti-spam software must have elected to chew up this picture, which was originally sent weeks ago. That’s James-the-Younger on the left, and his brother Thomas-the-Younger, in their Scotland rugby shirts.

Alexander suggests knitting Calcutta Cup kilt hose if Scotland win again during my knitting lifetime. Not a bad idea.


  1. The Calcutta Cup sweater looks great on the intended recipient!
    Thanks for sharing the photo.

  2. Anonymous12:32 PM

    The sweater looks wonderful!! It's always better to see it on the recipient; it fits her perfectly, and the bottom band is in a very flattering position.

    I'm on repeat 11 of Princess, but had to frog 2 rows last night, including the dreaded #9, when I dropped several stitches of faggoting .

    After some work this morning, I'm back in positive territory. I also received my Queen Ring Shawl, #43. Someone on Ravelry has #12, I wonder who else has low numbers.


  3. Cynthia, I have #23 of the Queen's Ring. Rather auspicious as I also have #23 of the Wedding Ring. --Lee

  4. As others have already said, Ketki looks great in her Calcutta Cup sweater. I must say that the sweater really comes to life in the wearing! Thanks for sharing the photo with us.

  5. Anonymous3:04 PM

    I think you should knit the kilt hose in order to induce another victory for Scotland. I'm sure that Calcutta Cup hose would have some sort of magical powers.

  6. Like the others, I must add my 2 cents (or shillings?) that the sweater looks great on Ketki. Alexander's idea is inspired. I wonder if the kilt hose would also be able to be a Games entry.

    As for the DVDs, one of my favorite is Knitting Glossary. For me, it's like being at camp with Meg, but also, it's the one place I refer back to for provisional cast ons, and any other techniques I've forgotten. I use it all the time.