Thursday, March 05, 2009

I bounded about yesterday with the exuberance of one who has isolated a problem and taken steps to deal with it. If, as I expect and as has happened before, Lenten abstinence gets rid of a few pounds on its own, I will revert, sadly, to my old cider-only-on-Sundays routine. The last attempt to live like that ended abruptly when I fell (mid-week) and broke my left arm.

After three months or so of Clean Living, purposeful undergarments will come in to play. I had thought of the idea and was groping for a suitable phrase. You’ve found it, Shandy.

I ordered a pedometer yesterday. I used to have one, but it started reporting absurd results (like the scales, on carpeting).


I happened to open my Virtual Filofax (Lotus Organiser) this morning, devoted almost entirely to knitting, and noticed that I resumed the Princess exactly a month ago today – a short month, at that. I have knit two complete repeats of the centre pattern, and a row or two more. That’s rather encouraging. I am currently slogging across row 20 of the 12th repeat.

The current ball of yarn has begun to appear seriously depleted – that’s an event, in Princess-knitting. I still feel slightly concerned about whether I’ve got enough, despite Cynthia’s reassurances: there are two more balls. I joined in the current one some time shortly after resuming, so I have knit nearly a whole ball of yarn in the last month.

So if I do have enough yarn, and if I can knit on at my current pace [which I can’t, as gardening increases with better weather], I could finish the whole thing before high summer. Thought for the day.


Thanks for the thumbs up on Fyberspates, Stash Haus. I will certainly try to get there on Saturday. The friends who are coming for the weekend are really in Edinburgh to see their son and grandchildren. That means we’ll get to enjoy their company without having to provide wall-to-wall food and entertainment. Sloping off to K1 Yarns on Saturday morning ought to be perfectly feasible.

I wonder what she means by “Selkie…Coming Soon”. Google offers no help.


  1. Jean,
    Selkie refers to K1s own luxury double knitting range, there's a bit about it in their mid-winter newsletter, which is on their news page.

  2. Not only does one put on weight in winter but in summer too. I believe that I've enjoyed too much of the good life over summer and now my winter clothes are making it known. Pooh. Still, at least we've had some nice cool weather - 2 nights with bed clothes on! Woohoo!! In some ways Lent becomes more of a weight buster than New Year's resolutions.

    Lovely progress on the Princess. I like the initials; they are as vitally necessary as the signature on any other piece of art.