Saturday, September 05, 2009


Will it happen? It might. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying it in prospect, and in fantasy. Dawn and Mel and David, it’ll be great to meet you. Shall we do lunch?

I’ve printed out the schedule, and chosen a programme for myself. On Tuesday morning, it’ll be “Seamless Sweaters” with Jared. I can knit seamless sweaters already, and am brave enough to steek, but I’m sure he knows tricks I’ve never thought of. On Wednesday morning, “Photographing your Fibre” with Franklin. On Thursday, I can’t choose, so I’ll have to stay all day. “The Swedish North Halland Pullover” in the morning with Beth Brown-Reinsel, and “Explore Japanese Knitting” in the afternoon with Donna Druchunas.

Japanese knitting – and Japan is where it’s at, these days, I’m sure we all agree – is not a subject Druchunas has written about. That’s not necessarily a downer. The first such class I ever took was one on the Bavarian Travelling Stitch at Camp Stitches in ’99 with Candace Eisner Strick. She never wrote about that, either, nor even used it very much in her designs, but it was a subject she was (and I hope still is) seriously interested in, and it was a wonderful class.

I’ve added the Druchunas blog to my list of what I think might be called feeds. I’ve also, EJ, fixed that link (I hope) in yesterday’s entry. Sorry about that.

As for knitting, the Griswold stole is within hailing distance of the half-way point, where I start again from the other end. The jabot continues to be neglected. The yarn for the February Lady Sweater hasn’t yet arrived.

And our friends are here, and breakfast calls.


  1. Do you think you'll be going to the Ravelry Day which is tagged on to the end (or beginning!) of the Knit Camp? I'm unlikely to make the whole camp but one day is acheivable

  2. Photographing Your Knitting with Franklin is a great class - I just took it in Chicago last month. Of course, it is impossible not to have fun with Franklin!

  3. Working on something about Japanese knitting. Not sure when it will be available yet... I hope before KnitCamp!

  4. Maureen in Fargo2:34 AM

    I took Donna's Japanese Knitting class at Yarnover in Minneapolis in April and it was wonderful! If you have any inclination to try to knit some of the Japanese charted patterns her class will teach you how to interpret the instructions. She was a lot of fun too...Hi, Donna!

    Frankilin will be teaching his Photographing Your Knitting class there at Yarnover next April and I hope to get into the class. I've been to Knitting Camp with him a couple of times, he's loads of fun!!

    I hope you can get to a bunch of the classes, you'll have so much fun!!!

  5. Typical! This year I holiday in Stirling and St Andrews - yarn shops conspicuous by their general absence. Family concerns kept me from the Coventry Ravelry Day, although I had booked. This does sound very enticing - I'd like to hear Jared and Franklin.