Saturday, October 10, 2009

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that those guys down at Google aren’t awesome.

Just now, I typed “progress bar for blog” into a Google search box. Just those four words. And what should come up top, out of about 10,700,000 results, but “Knitters’ Progress Bars”? Exactly what I want, in words I can actually understand. A search engine with mind-reading thrown in.

What got me started on this was the progress bars the Faculty Meeting Knitter has in her sidebar. She’s clearly a yarn-buyer, and a multiple WIP’er. I particularly like the way she has some progress bars showing no progress at all – meaning, I suppose, that she’s bought the yarn and means to get around to the project one day.

I seem to be descending the slippery slope towards multiple WIP’ery myself, at a fairly rapid pace. I sort of feel that if I lined things up in progress bars, where I could see them all, I’d feel better about my state. James’s jabot, 38%. The February Lady Sweater, 0%. The Grandson Sweater, likewise. (I still haven’t ordered the yarn, but today may be the day.)

Worst of all, guilt-feeling-wise, I bought the latest Rowan book recently. I am horrified at how much they cost these days, but Helen C.K.S. said, when I expressed this horror, that it’s less than subscribing to a knitting magazine. And she's right, of course. I was in the post office, where we now have a ticket system for counter service. There turned out to be more than 20 numbers ahead of me, so I threw that ticket away, went to John Lewis’s yarn department (a due passi, as we say in Italian) and bought the Rowan book, and then went back to the post office and took another ticket and had a pleasant wait.

I don’t mean I feel guilty about buying the Rowan book, particularly. But something in it has inspired me to think of a Christmas present I might knit. Another yarn purchase? Another progress bar? And I don't do Christmas knitting. It's against all my principles.


I’m getting on fine. That final stripe is Amy’s Vintage Office, and that’s as wide as it’s going to get for now, although it will reappear one day. My progress here is sort of conducive to further extravagance. All that wonderful Lorna’s Laces Shepherd’s Sock yarn in famous blogger colours was a rash purchase. An ASJ in sock yarn is a lot of knitting. But I’m having such a good time on all fronts – I like the experience, like the result so far, love the colours – that I sort of feel I can do anything.

Tamar, I haven’t frogged my attempt at a CSJ as my Games entry last summer. I got it out, and I think I can see what you mean about the line of the decrease on the wrong side. I seem to have given up and thrown it across the room, in fact, when I reached the next stage and started increasing. Do I remember losing a stitch marker and not being able to replace it with certainty? A straight line of st st, with the increases on either side of it, is going to make that bit easy, too.


That’s a nice cat, all right, Stash Haus (link in comment yesterday). And I wish you joy of Kidsilk Haze. Few are the resolutions I am sure of keeping, but my determination never to touch that stuff again is high among them.

Dawn, my idea on weight loss is just to go on with my current blameless life forever(cider only on Sunday, no sugar, careful with the fat), and see where the weight winds up. There’s no counting or rationing or hunger involved. It’s a healthy way to live. The trouble will come the next time the sky falls, as it is eventually bound to do, and I want to reach for the bottle.

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  1. Don't feel bad about multiple WIPs Jean- I regularly have about 10 projects going at once. I knit on them all from time to time and then I occasionally go on a finishing tear and finish up a bunch and then start new ones and am back where I started!