Monday, October 26, 2009

Don’t miss the 14-page special report on Sino-American relations in the current issue of the Economist.

I lay aside the Christmas Project today and return to the ASJ with joy, but I had fun moving the Christmas Project progress bar.

To double back: JeanfromCornwall, I was interested to hear that you have EZ’s brioche hat in an old Sunday Times colour supplement (as the magazine used to be called). I said the other day that that spread on the BSJ and ASJ was the first I had heard of EZ, but I noticed when I dug the tattered pages out for photocopying, that the text said she had been introduced to Sunday Times readers the year before.

I wonder if that is where the brioche hat came in? (I’ve knit it a couple of times; very quick and cosy. Meg recently figured out how to do brioche in the round – that completely defeats me.)

Sabrina, thanks a million for that wonderful tour of Chicago (comment, yesterday). If there’s a Little Italy and a restaurant called Tuscany, I don’t think we need look further afield for the source of the “Tuscany” yarn colour.

Grannypurple, yes, it’s marvellous, isn’t it, how each new stripe changes the ASJ. Or any SJ. I have currently embarked on what is intended as a fairly broad stripe of Amy’s Vintage Office (see yesterday’s pic), wonderfully evocative for those of us who grew up changing typewriter ribbons. I had feared it wouldn’t fit in very well, when I saw all my choices together, but I think maybe “Franklin’s Panopticon” will link it in, with its light tones and blue-i-ness.


  1. =Tamar5:46 PM

    I find that using the same color between the multicolored stripes links any combination I've used. The stocking cap I made that way came out very well; I received a compliment on it from someone who said she hadn't thought it would work until she saw it completed.

  2. Nancy Marchant, an American living in Amsterdam, is the queen of brioche stitch:
    there is also a book by her coming out, i think.
    knitting brioche in the round with different colours, decreasing, increasing, it is all there.

  3. l love the colors that you are using for your surprise jacket-- such a nice blend!

    I am going to Montreal in a week and a half- and frantically trying to finish a pair of mittens- it will be the only time this year that I will get to wear them, so I need to get them done!

    (I have survived the swine flu- still have a wheezy cough that alarms my students during lecture, but other than that, all is well.)