Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Little to report.

I’ve chosen “Andersonville” as the first colour in my ASJ, after the charcoal non-border. It’s slow work, but I’m enjoying it. I should have something to show you after a couple more days.

The idea, insofar as I could be said to have an idea, is to have a single or double ridge of charcoal at each colour change, and use it for the final edging. “Charcoal”, unexpectedly, turns out to mean a rich, dark brown. I’m not complaining, but a bit surprised.

Most of the colorways I’ve chosen, probably inadvertantly, are green-brown-yellow. That’s fine, too. There’s a skein of “Envy”, chosen deliberately to provide that occasional flash of chartreuse which KF often uses so effectively; and there are three skeins of “Amy’s Vintage Office”, which doesn’t fit in very well but at least doesn’t clash. Those two can appear in relatively narrow stripes. "Tuscany" has got some red, which will be welcome.

It’s a sock yarn. Amy’s Vintage Office will do brilliantly as socks. I think I’ve over-ordered, as usual.

And I think I’ve re-figured-out the basic architecture of the Surprise Jacket, and know where to deploy Franklin’s Panopticon.

Garter stitch is unforgiving, and I’m not really a very good knitter, but so far I’m pleased with the fabric.

All of the things I ordered in my recent burst of extravagance have now made it home, except for some sock needles from America. The most recent arrivals are the Melville Mother-Daughter Knits book, and “Custom Knits”. I haven’t really addressed myself to either of them yet.

Nor have I taken any action on the grandson-sweater matter.

Today we are going to have our Old Folks’ flu injections. As distinct from Swine Flu. I hope the nurse will be able to tell us what’s happening on that front.


  1. The swine flu injections are still being tested, and are not likely to be available for at least a couple of weeks. I've been paying this fairly close attention because I may or may not get one - at the moment I am high on the list to receive it as a pregnant woman, but by the time my surgery actually gets any doses I may well no longer be pregnant (due at the end of this month).

  2. So, you're "not really a very good knitter"? And, by that, do you mean, not producing the completely regular effect a machine would achieve? I find that the regularity of my knitting is very heavily affected by the yarn in use, sock yarn generally being very forgiving.

  3. My first student showed up in class today with a note from the university health services confirming that she had swine flu last week. Poor kid-- it seems to be mild in most people but this student had spent a night in the hospital because she had real severe difficulty breathing. Turns out she had to be treated for pneumonia. I just keep my fingers crossed that somehow I escape it this year, although it seems unlikely with all the sick kids in my classes.... I joke with my large lecture classes that I am gonna spray them all down with lysol when they walk through the door...

  4. Dawn in NL2:07 PM

    This year I am in a "risk group" that is advised to get the flu injection (diabetes). I will get the ordinary flu jag this week and already have appointments for the two swine flu jags (3 weeks apart) in Nov. So I have gone from no flu jags to 3 in one year!

    All the best
    Dawn in NL

  5. I am looking forward to the in-progress shots of the Adult Baby surprise, as the sock yarns sounds really lovely.
    Good luck with the flu shots.
    In Canada seniors are being given the standard flu shot now, but young people will be given H1N1 in November.
    Let's all stay healthy!
    Lisa in Toronto

  6. My doctor here in Dublin gave us the flu jabs but he is a bit dubious about the swine flu vaccine. He is not recommending it - feels it hasn't been sufficiently tested and is fearful of possible unknown side effects.