Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dis aliter visum.*

We got as far as Bridge of Earn, stopped for lunch as often, discovered that my husband’s spectacle case was empty. This happened once before, and we managed a whole four or five days of talking to each other over our meals instead of reading the New Yorker. But it wasn’t to be contemplated at this time of year, when darkness drives one in to the fireside by 5. And I wasn’t too keen about having to fill the syringes for insulin injections, either.

So we came back.

And start today tired and out of sorts. We’ll try again.

Don’t miss Franklin’s London alphabet. I wondered if we’d meet at the Royal Academy on our last day in London recently (November 9) – he was going to appear at I Knit London on (I believe) the 11th, and his blog had already featured transatlantic airplanes. But, alas, no.

Angel, Rowan Cocoon, in which I have recently finished a Christmas project, is seriously soft and cosy (also seriously expensive). Just Fisherman’s Rib it? I haven’t got any ideas for your Swiss friend. That's the trouble with the pricey IK book: they don't seem to realise the pressure of time, or the possibility that you might have more than one friend to knit for.

Last night I knit some ear-flap hat – which I had expected to be doing in front of the fire at Burnside – and some ASJ, starting the length-extension. I think I want about seven more inches. I couldn’t hit upon a rule for dividing the time between the two. I hope Strathardle will see the hat finished.

Have a look at the Fishwife’s ear-flap hat. No Fair Isle, no stripes, just utterly nice. Lucky Lad!

She suggests that I – and all other bloggers – put in a plug for p/hop, a fund-raising site for Medecins sans Frontieres, the brain-child of Natalie at the Yarn Yard. p/hop means “pennies per hour of pleasure” and MSF is about as worthy a cause as you can get. On the website you can, among other things, download knitting patterns that designers have contributed and then send an appropriate donation of your own choosing.

Off we go again. Back on Wednesday, maybe.

*"The gods thought otherwise."


  1. Dawn in NL1:17 PM

    Hello Jean,

    Sorry about your abortive trip to COTU. I can understand that your husband would find it difficult to manage without his reading specs on the long dark evenings.

    Good luck with your next try (you could get a spare pair and leave them up there, no?)


  2. The same thing happened to me a few months ago - when I got to the airport here in Dublin I discovered that my glasses case was empty, my cell phone was dead, and....... I left a message on the answering machine for my husband. Happily he got it and he thought to come out to the airport with my glasses and they were delivered to me just before I boarded my flight.

  3. How about leaving a spare pair in the car at all times? I do this with various articles I'm apt to leave home without. This solution costs money, of course. Sigh.

  4. Oh, the Rowan Cocoon sounds nice Jean- I think that would work nicely, especially since he lives in Milwaukee.... As for my Swiss friend- I have picked out two striking colors of Noro and I am going to make Jared Flood's striped Noro scarf out of silk garden. If the colors go well together, I think it will fit the bill.....