Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Scam

Mary Lou, thank you for that most interesting comment, which I have forwarded to Mary. An English friend of hers phoned the police on Friday, but they weren’t interested. Whereas in your stepmother’s case, Western Union already knew. Maybe this is a standard-variation scam these days. Maybe the police take it more seriously, states-side.

Gretchen, the scammer had thought of your points: “I would have loved to call you but i don't have any money on me and the hotel telephone has been disconnected at the robery incident” and “I've been to the US embassy and the Police here are not helping issues at all.” It doesn’t stand up when you think about it, but when you think you’re reading a message from a friend it is, at least for a moment, unsettling.

And it is very unsettling to think of a hacker not only hacking, but reading one’s emails to construct a plausible appeal. As if a burglar went through your underwear drawer.


I moved forward yesterday, but not very far. Less than an inch on the ASJ, and a full repeat but no more on the Mysterious Christmas project. It’s too wet for a doorstep photograph this morning. The latest stripe is Pilsen.


My sister grumbled in a telephone call the other day that my blog was of little interest these days, being all about knitting. She should enjoy this one, at least.

I’ve been holding back on this, but it’s all completely public-domain. The Chambers of which Thomas-the-Younger is a member has been much in the news lately.

And Thomas himself has at last got his page on the 4 New Square website. They make much of his months at JP Morgan Chase without mentioning that his Aunt Ketki was influential in securing the post for him.


  1. You should be very proud of Tom. That is an impressive CV. No mention of knitting though.

  2. I really like how your ASJ is working up. The colors all seem to sort of flow together. It's almost enough to make me want to knit one of my own, though I'm currently in the long-term sweater-free grip of lace knitting, which has grasped me in its clutches and demanded that I not only finish a few WIPs but also learn to design my own projects - which I may or may not prove to have any talent for doing, but at least it's an excuse to get some really interesting books. :)

  3. Anonymous1:09 PM

    I agree wholeheartedly with Sabrina's comment. Really loving your ASJ, the colours are devine, they work so well together, wonderful choices. Your blog is the first one I look at each morning and simply love your content and delightful wit. Please don't change a thing. Once I get through my EZ hybrid which has been on the needles forever I might indeed begin an ASJ as yours is so alluring. Many thanks for sharing as always.

  4. Donice3:10 PM

    Jean, now that the ASJ is farther along, I can see that your idea of using the charcoal as thin-stripe divisions between colorways makes all the difference. It works beautifully. I am looking forward to the final modeled photo!

  5. That ASJ is looking better and better! I like it!

  6. your son's cv is impressive!

    wow, that woman has GUTS to take on her chambers! good for her - what courage.