Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A good day, yesterday. I got the income tax return ready to submit – including logging on briefly to the government site to make sure that ID and password still work. I almost went ahead and filed it, but decided that it is a job better kept for the morning when synapses are firing. And not today, since we’re going to Strathardle.

The weather forecast is more than a bit Novembrine, but at least it doesn’t include snow. I want to get a site chosen and prepared for my sea kale thongs, and I want to net the common-or-garden kale (if it’s still there) against the winter incursion of deer. Anything else is parsley. There’s plenty of wood to cut and knitting to do.

I made a good start on the ear-flap hat (Ravelry link) yesterday, after polishing off the tax. The ear-flaps grow organically out of the hat by a most ingenious employment of short rows. I hope the Fishwife will allow us a picture of hers soon.

I’m not going to put in any Fair-Isle-ery, just some stripes. This is the season for getting things done, I feel.

Meg, I forgot to thank you for pointing me to the hat in the new Twist Collective. They’re awfully good, aren’t they? Going from strength to strength, I think. I like Tanit’s Jacket, and the Dryad shawl.

I have knit Amedro’s Cobweb Evening Wrap – first, as written, for Rachel’s 40th birthday, which I am afraid was rather a long time ago. Then, same shape but with Heirloom Knitting lace patterns substituted, for her daughter Hellie, and finally – again with pattern substitutions – for my sister. She wore hers at Theo and Jenni’s rehearsal dinner, and my travelling companion on that occasion, Greek Helen, said she wouldn’t mind one herself.

If there’s one thing my stash is rich in, it’s lace yarns. So I mean to do something about that during this year of abstinence. And the Dryad is a possible alternative to more Amedro. I do think the long, narrow triangle is a very wearable shape.


Sharon Miller’s new gossamer cashmere. Oh, dear.

And my husband says he wants a sleeveless pullover. If there’s one thing my stash is not rich in, it’s sweater’s-worths of yarn of any one colour. I’ll have to think about that one. There may be a work-around.


I agree, Tamar, that the neck looks empty, but that may improve. The whole thing will eventually have an edging, about an inch wide, which will both fill the neck from below and bring it in from the sides. We shall see.

Back early next week, insh'Allah.


  1. I was drawn to both Tanit's Jacket and the Dryad in Twist. Really a valuable and well done publication I think. Can you do stripes on the sleeveless sweater, or is solid a requirement? Safe travels and happy getting ready for winter gardening.

  2. The Twist Collective never fails to make me drool... my issue right now is that I need to come up with two men's scarves patterns, and knit them quickly as Christmas gifts-- one for a male friend from grad school who has survived cancer for the second time (he will finish radiation just before Christmas) so that scarf must be as soft as possible (perhaps Malabrigo?) and another for the man who has become my closest friend here at my new job-- he's harder in a way, I think, as he is a philosopher, and Swiss and seems to be a bit more of a chic dresser.... and that one also had to be finished quickly, before he goes home to Zurich for the holidays.... oh Christmas knitting... every year I tell myself I will never get sucked in, but every year I do....

  3. Anonymous5:21 PM

    This issue of the Twist is particularly strong, and they've all been good.

    Gossamer cashmere: oh dear, indeed.
    -- Gretchen