Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Gloom suddenly grips. I sailed through November and the weekend’s black anniversary in good form, but the Black Dog has crouched and made its leap.

I have just re-read last December’s blogging, to see how I was feeling then. Up and down, is the answer. The interesting thing is that I discover I was knitting a watchcap, in lovely red Koigu no less, which I had completely forgotten and which doesn’t appear in last year’s knitting-done roster. I fear it was a Christmas present for the person I had in mind this year for the Sock Yarn Slouch Hat (Ravelry link), which I finished last night.

My husband kept saying, “You’re always knitting hats for X.” He’s rarely wrong. It’s nice; I’ll give it to someone. But I’ll have to jiggle the present-list around a bit.

I was glad to see myself writing, on November 30 ’08, that I hadn’t started the Christmas cards yet. I thought I always got the USA’s done in November, until this year.

Fleegle’s news (comment yesterday) about “Knitting” Magazine and the Queen Susan Shawl Project is splendid, and shouldn’t leave room for gloom.


I got a couple of rows of ASJ done last night, after polishing off the slouch hat. I think I’ll attempt the cashmere watchcap, and just see what happens. But first I want to get the ASJ body finished and the edging stitches picked up.

I increasingly think about how little effect a year’s abstinence is going to have on that stash. I have started turning the Koigu question over in my head. It will be something involving medallions, I think. Somewhere I’ve got the Oriental Jacket pattern that everyone was knitting a while ago.

I was briefly in the yarn dept. of John Lewis yesterday (just looking). I asked if they had pompom makers, but was shown one that seemed to be just the old cardboard-circle system turned into plastic. That couldn’t be what so delights Angel’s mother and the Fishwife’s Princess. I must continue to wait for my Clover, but I grow impatient.


  1. wave those pointy sticks at that black dog! Fleegle's news is excellent.

  2. Ah good, you are waiting on the Clover pompom maker - they are the ones that look as thought they would be more at home in a laboratory, and work a treat.

    Yes, you will enjoy!

  3. Gerri3:42 PM

    Yes, send that dog packing with the pointy sticks! Is your Koigu the painter's palette of exciting color changes? All that color will really lay that dog low! Those anniversaries are difficult and often sneaky.

  4. I'd have been interested to read an article on the shawl written by yourself. Have you continued to take "The Knitter", I wonder? It did seem very promising, and less like a marketing tool than some of the others on the UK shelves.

  5. =Tamar6:37 PM

    You did mention in the blog that you had finished the variegated red Koigu watch cap, so its not appearing in the list was merely an oversight. I find I have quite a few hats and choose them according to what I feel like wearing, the weather, color, etc.

  6. I have been trying new kinds of interesting tea to stave off winter gloom.
    I am also enjoying the handknit socks I knit last winter and had forgot about.
    I guess those are small pleasures within my control, no matter how feeble a stab ...
    I think I need more lights on in the room in December as well.
    Lisa in Toronto

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