Friday, December 18, 2009

I am very grateful for all your help with my chemo cap project. Holly, I’ve downloaded and printed the lace-edged cap you like. I’ve got another prescription-collecting job to do at Boots this afternoon – I’ll look at Rowan “Calmer” in John Lewis. I don’t think I’ve heard of it. I’ve got cashmere, and abundant sock yarn, and Jaggerspun Zephyr which Sharon suggested in a private message, but no “Calmer”.

“Calmer” would mean breaking the yarn fast, but this is serious.

My cold continues subdued. I had a grand time yesterday, got shoes, fairly silly-looking but dark and I think comfortable. I went to East and bought a skirt which I needed and a glorious jacket which I didn’t.

I’ve gone down a dress size. The pleasure of plucking the 1*’s from the rack, instead of the 1?’s, fearing that alone in the dressing room I would burst out of them like Tom Kitten, and finding that they fit nicely, with ease! You can imagine. Skirt and jacket are both dark green. It needs but a green hat with a feather and I can be Robin Hood in a Pantomime.

I’m down to the last few rows of the ASJ. I should finish today, and start on the finishing (so to speak). One now reaps the benefit of those endless rows – there’s not much seaming, just the shoulders and, continuing on down, the top of the sleeves. And fewer ends to deal with than might otherwise have been the case.

Alexander phoned last night and proposed coming to get us next week, instead of my driving west. It is a delightful prospect, and wonderfully good of him, considering especially that he is about to host a house-party of indeterminate length for 13 people. (Add in the home team of four, and we won’t be 13 at table: don’t worry.) We will have to return by public transport, but that should be easy when we have left behind 15 presents and a Christmas pudding and an (empty) bottle of Savigny-les-Beaune. And some other stuff.


  1. Anonymous5:12 PM

    How lovely of Alexander to offer to transport you. Your Christmas gathering sounds joyful indeed.
    And I do hope you get a green hat with feather.
    -- Gretchen

  2. Wonderful to lose a little weight! Good for you, Jean!

  3. The shopping sounds like it was fun Jean- I look forward to hearing about your holiday!

    I am embarking tomorrow on a crazy 1000 mile roadtrip to visit my parents in Los Angeles (2 days- Texas to California- through the desert). This is because I couldn't find anyone to watch my dog and cat for the holiday, so I have to take them with! (And my parents have two cats of their own. Let's see how this goes eh? At least it is a big house. I worry less about my dog than my cat. The cat is aggressive, the dog older, and mellow with an arthritic knee.) Anyway I hope to keep up while on the road and out and about, but if not- Merry Christmas!