Monday, December 07, 2009

I vividly remember December 7, 1941. My father was the Associated Press bureau chief in Detroit. The memory is of him answering the phone, and rushing out. He was at home because it was a Sunday afternoon. One of those memories in which I can almost see the room and its furniture.

Less than I’d hoped got done yesterday. Couldn’t have anything to do with cider-drinking? But I have now embarked on what will be the last ridge, the last two rows, of the edging of the ASJ. Then it has to be cast of in purl. So today’s plan is to do that, and to start the watchcap if there’s still time. If I succeed, the ASJ will be ready for quite a revealing pic tomorrow.

The intended recipient for the watchcap will be among a substantial party expected on the shores of Loch Fyne on Boxing Day. On Christmas Day itself, there’ll be nobody there but us chickens, namely the Loch Fyne Mileses and my husband and me. So I can knit the hat right down to the wire and even finish it on Boxing Day in the morning if need be.

One of the great joys of ’09 was finding and buying clothes to wear to Theo’s wedding. For the wedding itself (as distinct from the rehearsal dinner) I had a sort of embroidered linen coat, not as grand as it sounds, worn over an old dress. I think I’ll get it out for Christmas Day. Maybe Ketki would wear her shalwar kameez. I have heard her little boys asking her to wear her “wedding dress” again.


Yesterday’s comments, including one from Ambermoggie herself, sort of answer the question about the pattern for the Red Sandstone Jacket. How unexpected the answer seems – a spinner’s leaflet. All my knitting used to be done from them. Now, I can’t remember when I last used one.

Kathy, I went over to the Ticker Factory just now and found it very confusing. I get the feeling that the underlying idea is to measure menstrual cycles looking for fertile times. A worthy objective, but of little use to knitters.

I think you start by choosing the option to count down or up to an event, and then just toil through screen after screen of rulers and then of sliders. I like my little sock, but the background is boring. My starting date was the day the box of yarn for the Grandson Sweater arrived from Sweden.

Sabrina, you’re quite right, I can turn on full moderation or word verification for the blog when we head west. The spammer has left me alone for 24 hours (I think) – perhaps that’s encouraging. There used to be ads on (my vice) telling you how much money you could make at home with your computer. I wonder if your task would prove to be placing spammy comments on blogs and getting paid when people clicked on them?


  1. Tickers for the cycle? I remember finding a shoebox of ovulation charts and a basal thermometer when cleaning out the attic after my mother died. My father passed it to me and said - here maybe you can figure out where we went wrong. (I am one of 7) Looking forward to the big reveal - will you do it Rowan-style?

  2. I too have a vivid memory of December 7, 1941. It was around 5 p.m. EDT when we heard the announcement on the radio. I was sitting at a desk in our living room and by accident I spattered ink on the wallpaper beside the desk.

  3. Jean (and Janet-in-the-comments), thanks so much for remembering today and posting your memories of 1941. My dad was six months out of high school on December 7, 1941, but (or perhaps, "therefore") he never shared his own memories of the war or of that day. You are the only people I've heard mention the anniversary so far today, and I listened to the news this morning, as always.

  4. Sherilan5:40 AM

    Look forward to seeing the watchcap. I'm always looking for the "right" pattern. Also, after seeing Socklady on your blogroll, I had fun looking at all her Monstersocks, bearlys, and minisocks. Thanks. Enjoy reading your blog.