Friday, January 15, 2010

Sorry for the gap.

My husband, and therefore I, had an uncomfortable night Wed-Thur, chest pain and breathlessness. Yes, I know – but I also knew that he wasn’t at death’s door, and was more comfortable at home than he would be anywhere else. I couldn’t let it drift, though, so in the morning phoned our GP’s practice.

A dr came promptly – house calls are rare, these days; we haven’t requested one for years – and with equal promptitude sent for an ambulance to carry us off to the Royal Infirmary where we spent many tedious hours. All the probing and x-rays and blood tests seem to have shewn that a heart problem wasn’t involved. A dr eventually diagnosed a slight lung infection, and sent us home with some antibiotic. We both slept much better last night.

I had packed knitting and mobile phone, as well as all the pills and diabetic stuff my husband needs, and got a lot done on the KF socks for Rachel which are my current waiting-room knitting. I started them sometime in December when all the Christmas knitting was finished, but hadn't got very far. The yarn is wonderfully cheerful.

I had forgotten to re-acquaint myself with the Oliver-sock (Ravelry link) foot-shaping technique, but I think our discharge from A&E came at just the right moment, and I will still be able to apply it.

Perhaps I forgot to tell you that my husband noticed and remarked on the good fit of the Oliver-type bedsocks I knit him recently.

The Grandson Sweater is now within a whisker of being half-way from cast-on to neck shaping. Much else to report – Knitter’s was here on the mat when we got back yesterday, and a duller winter issue of a knitting magazine is hard to imagine. “A Fine Fleece” has arrived. Helen C.K.S.’s latest blog entry has inspired me to order “A Knitter’s Book of Wool” – I’m pretty sure that that, and not “A Fine Fleece”, is the book I have had a nagging should-have-ordered feeling about.

That’s enough for today.


  1. Dawn in NL10:47 AM

    Hello Jean,
    Sorry to hear about your uncomfortable night and day with the healthcare people. Take it easy today and my best wishes for a speedy recovery to your husband.

    All the best,

  2. When it works, the NHS is a wonderful beast. I'm glad to hear it worked in your favour this week.

    Well done, having the presence of mind to grab your knitting, too. Obviously you have a clear head in a crisis...

    I hope your husband is fully recovered soon.

  3. rosesmama11:17 AM

    I'm glad all turned out well with your husband. I do find myself worrying about you if you are unexpectedly absent.

  4. Glad to hear it's nothing too serious and that he's on the mend. Scarey times though!

  5. It's always such a relief to hear those words "An infection" or "Muscle strain", or "It's a cyst". Not so easy to maintain your sang-froid at three in the morning.

  6. Ohhh! I have that KF, I think. Mine is called Easter Egg and I love it. My husband gave it to me for Christmas.

    Hope you'll both be feeling better soon :))

  7. What a terrible night that must have been! I'm glad it wasn't a heart problem.

    Those socks look bright and cheerful. I love bright colors.

  8. I felt quite anxious for both of you until I reached the point where you said he noticed your knitting. After that I felt certain he must have started to feel at least a little better. Hope he now improves rapidly!

  9. Take it easy.

    Janet in Seattle and using James' computer