Monday, October 04, 2010

Much of the weekend was taken up with hanging a new picture – a framed poster, in fact. Framed and glazed; it's heavy. We’re pleased with the result, but it was hard work for geriatrics.

You have to choose the height, and the position in relation to the window, and make little marks on the wallpaper with chalk. You have to calculate the places for the picture hooks – we used two, of the double sort, two little holes for little nails supporting each hook. That was because the poster was heavy, as I've said, and the plaster behind rather suspect. The hooks have to be positioned at the same distance either side of the chosen centre line. And, of course, must be placed so that a cord stretched between them is parallel to the floor.

Then screws with little eyes have to be screwed into the frame of the poster – fortunately there were holes where some had been previously. That saved a bit of measuring. Then picture wire, which tends to kink and must be discouraged from doing so. You attach the wire at one side, threading it through the eye and securing it, and heave the picture into position with the other side running free, to determine exactly how much wire is required.

Then you cut it and secure it through the other eye and heave the picture back up and find out whether you have calculated everything correctly, and whether the plaster will hold. Straightening the picture is the final step, easy peasy compared to what has preceded.

In all the rooms we have had decorated since we moved in here, we have re-installed picture rails. Why do people take them down?

So knitting came as light relief, after all that. I think another row of the centre pattern has gone awry.

What about “Brave New Knits”? I normally eschew books which are merely collecions of patterns these days (as opposed to technique books) unless there is a special reason. This one tempts.

Fishwife, I am tremendously impressed with your brassica cage. I will start looking for alkathene piping right away. My husband loves scavenging in skips; it will add purpose to afternoon walks.

Angel, I have a trough of herbs on the doorstep – thyme, chives, parsley in the summer. The cat downstairs comes up to sleep on our doorstep, because it gets more sun than hers does, and is particularly fond of sleeping on the parsley.


  1. Your bookcase looks terribly tidy! How do you manage that? I am absolutely certain books get used in your house as they do in ours. Ours get put away according to vague sections "that's the gardening bit" and "those are the knitting books". The librarian part of me has given up!
    I saw a copy of Brave New Knits but was not impressed enough to think of buying it for the Guild's Library.

  2. Scavenging in skips sounds more elegant than what we call dumpster diving. My husband has make some great finds.
    It would be fun to try that Sutherland kale since that is my maiden name.

  3. When I have pictures framed here in the US, the shop installs either a picture wire (for heavier pictures) or a small sawtooth hook.

    Finding wire and hooks to use for picture rails is nearly impossible. I had them in my dorm room last year, but no hardware store had any clue what I was looking for or where to look.