Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We had a grand time.

On Saturday morning, I weeded the artichokes.

Alexander cut the grass.

My husband pruned the cider orchard.

Thomas drew pictures while James cut out paper lanterns.

Ketki did the dishes.

It was a wonderful day.

On Sunday, James and Alexander did some mathematics together. They enjoy that.

Soon it will be time for guising. Thomas has decided to go as Death. Alexander made him a scythe, but he still needs a dark cloak to shade his face. Coincidentally, if you click on the link you will find a Wikipedia entry illustrated with a picture of a child in the identical costume. I told Thomas that there are in fact two bones in the lower leg, tibia and fibula.


  1. Your new camera is quite wonderful. These photos are lovely. It is such fun to see where you live--even if it is just when you are on holiday.

  2. Good pictures - they help to keep the family straight, all the James and Alexanders etc.

  3. =Tamar5:28 PM

    Have you started them on the Discworld books yet?

  4. Well, just let me say that that version of DEATH is just about as cute as a Bug's Ear. I'm sure he'd be horrified to be thought of as anything but horrible but there you have it. Cuteness personified!