Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Miscellaneous non-knit

Alexander drove over from the west yesterday to see his aunt. He reported in the evening that she had seemed completely herself, except for being in hospital, and was sipping a glass of milk which sounds like a good idea. She talked about ancestors, wasted on him – James is the ancestor-hunter. At this rate we can hope to have her home soon.

The weather forecasts continue unpleasant. My old friend predicts 2 ½” of snow for Blairgowrie over the next few days. That might be just on the edge of manageable – but Blairgowrie is lower than we are, and the weather there often milder. Another inch, and we’re doomed. I think it would probably be foolhardy for us to attempt it.

We’re committed to London on the 6th of December. That means we could get back from Strathardle any time up to Thursday the 2nd, and still have time to re-group. The forecast for next week isn’t much better.

My new progress-bar for Christmas cards is based on the assumption that we send about 60. I’ve now actually counted last year’s list: that’s not quite enough. With knitting, I aim to have progress bars slightly understate reality, but I’m going to keep this one set as it is. If I can get 60 done before we go to London – or, if need be, while we’re there – I’ll be well enough placed to finish off.

A cash machine rejected my card yesterday -- the issuer had refused to authorise the withdrawal, it said. I remained curiously calm. I feared an identity thief, of course. And -- in these hard times -- I even wondered for a moment or two whether the Royal Bank of Scotland had gone out of business. I rang them up, and all was well -- they could only suggest that something had been wrong with the machine.


I’m doing the seventh wurm. It’s not unlikely that I’ll wind up with nine. I cautiously tried it on last night. All those wurms make it rather cosy. And it's rather nice, too.

No. 32 in the new Vogue Knitting is a striped turtleneck in “Regia Hand-Dye Effect by Kaffe Fassett”. I didn’t know there was such a yarn. I’ve wasted some pleasant time finding it on-line. Kaffe contributes six shades to the "hand-dye effect" range, and for once I don’t think his six colours are any better than the others. This is a British source for the yarn, lacking Kaffe’s contribution.

I like it. And I like the Vogue idea of striping two shades of it. Perhaps something slightly loose with a boat-neck to be worn over a polo shirt. Perhaps wide stripes for the body and narrow ones for the sleeves, or vice versa – I have a childish fondness for that arrangement.

And such a sweater would be utterly washable. My new Rule of Life means that I can order it any time I like – but only on condition that I’m ready to start knitting it.

Which doesn’t get us any forrad’er with the question of that pink Araucania in Perthshire.


  1. would suggest that you remove your bank name from post. no point in giving criminals any details whatsoever

  2. Am so glad to hear that your SIL is doing so well.

    Keep a close watch on that weather forecast. A big storm has hit Seattle and disrupted life for the past 2 days. Exciting New England stuff. Gives me a chance to dig out, and wear, ancient knitting.

  3. I had that happen in a gas station in Springfield, MO. I was on my first archive trip for my dissertation, had flown into St. Louis and drove across the Ozarks to Springfield. At the gas station I tried to get gas but could not. I tried again. The card was refused. And then my cell phone rang and it was my bank saying that my credit card was being used across Missouri in a "suspicious manner." And I told her "well, I am standing here in Springfield, MO, in freezing temps and snow and desperately need to get gas. So it may look suspicious, but I am actually in the Ozarks, freezing my butt off."
    They apologized and unlocked the card. I did tell them, however, that I was grateful for their vigilance.

    Also, a day early, but Happy Thanksgiving Jean!

  4. =Tamar2:45 AM

    Was the cash machine episode late in the day? Sometimes they refuse to work after closing time or something like that, and the next morning they work again.

  5. Anonymous7:39 AM

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