Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saturday November 27

I’m having trouble reaching the outside world, this morning. If you’re reading this, the situation must have improved. Such episodes in the past have been the fault of the ISP – this would be the first time BT has let me down.

No more news about C. Yesterday’s weather in Edinburgh was slightly less cold – this morning we wake up to a sprinkling of snow. Frozen snow, at that.

I finished the hat, and am rather pleased with it.

I rooted out some possible yarns for Round-the-Bend yesterday. I’ve got more solid colours than I thought. I like the idea of knitting-along-with-Meg, and I plan to order her DVD. It's a famously tricky pattern -- I'm sure you remember that it's called "Round-the-Bend" because it nearly drove Meg and her mother there. Actually seeing how it's done is likely to be helpful.

At the moment my credit card has only three days to go before it runs out. The replacement must come from the US. I rang the issuer early in the month, and I rang up again yesterday, and I’m sure eventually I will get the new one. Not my week for plastic.

The rooting-out process revealed more yarn in that cupboard than seems possible, after a whole year of such austere virtue.

Adding the hat to my list of WIPs-of-the-year, I notice that most of them are pretty small beer – socks and hats and scarves. I knit the Grandson Sweater, early on, with the last yarn to arrive before the Yarn Fast began. I knit the Amedro shawl – but that was only one 100-gram ball. I doubt if I can increase production substantially. More, much more, must be given away.

Margaret Stove’s book “Wrapped in Lace” turned up yesterday. It looks good. At first glance, I was particularly struck by page 24-25 where she shows us the leaflet from which she knit her first shawl, in 1961, when she was expecting her first child. That is the very leaflet from which I knit my first shawl, in 1958, when I was expecting my first child.

There are two shawls in the leaflet, though, and Margaret and I chose differently. That’s where our paths began to diverge, no doubt.

Internet still slow and capricious, although I have been able to receive and send some mail and view some headlines.


  1. Re Round the Bend: It may be a good idea to find a base colour which could pull it all together. That bright orange would be quite challenging if it were the base colour. I have knitted a number of pairs of Newfoundland mitts in which a quite dull base colour seems to pull together quite disparate selections of sock yarn.

  2. Dear Jean, which pattern for a shawl was it? If it was "Patons 1085, Two 2-ply Shetland shawls" then snap - now you know of three people. I did the old shale one since back in the late 1970' they were very strict with their advice that the centre of the shawl should not have any holes in the pattern.