Monday, February 07, 2011

Bits and pieces, today.

Angel, that sounds like a very good idea, about smoothies. I’ll pass it on in a moment. C. has to restrict fibre intake, I think, because of the stoma, but there ought to be a way around that.

She phoned last night, and then passed the telephone to our niece – there is bad trouble going on connected with our niece’s elder daughter R. (who lives in London, mercifully) and involving the police.

For that brief moment, C.’s voice sounded like old times. One of the drawbacks of dying, it had already occurred to me, is that nobody tells you anything so as not to upset you, and you are thereby cut off from the glittering world before your time. Our niece had concealed her trouble for most of the weekend, but finally decided that C. was closely enough involved that she had to know. I wonder if it might not actually be good for her, to be back in the loop?


A good evening with RtB – I should finish joining the shoulder and at least start the grafting this evening.

Beverly, your kind remark sorely tempts me to leave that stripey sleeve and do another one to match. I have continued to give myself credit for it in the progress bar over there. I’ll have to decide very soon, perhaps even tomorrow.

Mary G., I hope you’ll knit your RtB, it’s really fun, but scratchiness is a big downer. It might not matter so much in a big finished outer jacket – but it spoils the process of knitting.

I had a look at Posh yarns yesterday, thinking of the forthcoming Japanese shirt – they are put up for sale every Sunday evening, and go fast. Fortunately, perhaps, there was no sock yarn colorway to tempt, this time. But could I use the abundant Shetland jumper-weight in my stash cupboard after all, graduating the colours from pale to beige as we ascend? I might try laying out a few skeins on the floor and contemplating them.

I probably won’t be here tomorrow – I have my hair appt at nine, and, groundhog-or-no-groundhog, don’t seem to be very good at crawling out from under the duvet these days.


  1. Hi Jean,
    The Posh Yarn Sunday sale does indeed move very quickly and you can be disappointed if you have a specific colourway in mind.
    I did a quick Ravelry search for you - there is quite a lot of Posh Yarn 4 ply up for sale/trade. Here's the link -
    Maybe something will catch your eye there!

  2. Anonymous8:02 PM

    you might be interested in the special sale Posh has coming up - it's all going to be sweater sized bundles of yarn, Dee explains it all here

  3. Dawn in NL9:27 PM

    Jean, Perhaps the Japanese jacket is an opportunity to use the stash. Stripes would reduce the boredom of the miles of stocking stitch. The graded colours of the skirt the woman is wearing in the picture, is rather nice. It depends on what colours you have, of course.

    I do like stripes, Rachel's Koigu striped Rugby shirt is very much to my taste.


  4. Jean,
    the soy powder I use is by Geni-Soy. They have flavored powders, but you can throw the unflavored into anything for extra calories. They also are very low in fiber, so fiber might not be a problem. A web link is here:

    Maybe they have it in Britain too? Or at least something like it? I hope the info helps.