Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Off we go. My husband thinks we’ll be able to stick it out until Monday – in which case, I should reappear here on Tuesday. I won’t have that much gardening to do, unless the soil is most unexpectedly workable. But there’s always knitting, and the New Yorker to be caught up with.

Yesterday was a good day, a slight-edge-forward sort of day. I dealt with the day’s small financial events as they occurred, and processed a couple more pieces of paper off the pile. I went to the supermarket and got in supplies. I feel readier to venture into the wilds of Perthshire than I did a day ago.

I haven’t been walking in Drummond Place Gardens since the snow fell in November. Yesterday I did a half-walk, two circuits, half-a-mile. My sister and her husband will be here soon; she wants to join me in walking, so it would be a good idea to get back up to speed before she comes. There are hundreds and hundreds of snowdrops in the Garden: maybe I have never been there in February before. And a fair abundance of aconites, and the daffodils taking up positions for the next act.

Somebody here, a “Scotland Street” fan, asked for a picture. I hope to oblige, at last, next week, if I get a good sunny morning.

I also got the next skein of greenery-yallery wound, rather than continue to worry about having to do it. Here is the present state of play:

Else, thank you for the offer to shop at Lacis for me. I might just take you up on that, one day.

And Flaviaknits and Knitlass, thank you for the hope offered that there might be a miracle at Twickenham on Calcutta Cup day. In 2000, as I’m sure you remember if you’re old enough, the Calcutta Cup match was on the last day of the tournament (as it should be). England had won all their matches and sauntered up to Edinburgh to complete the Grand Slam. A safe assumption, since Scotland had lost all of theirs. Some pundit wrote in the Scotsman that morning that the only hope for Scotland would be if the England team didn’t show up.

But we won. Ever since, when I need an alphanumeric password, I am likely to incorporate the four digits that made up the score that day.


  1. Hello Jean,

    It is certainly useful to have a set of digits for alphanumeric passwords these days.

    My feeling about Scotland is that when they are very much the underdogs they often surprise.

    There are snowdrops aplenty here and the crocuses are starting to appear. Enjoy the trip to TCOTU.


  2. Drive safely, and I hope your garden and the weather cooperate. And I think you should keep this particular sweater for yourself since you don't have a recipient in mind.

  3. I think I am probably the 'Scotland Street' fan who asked for a picture of the Gardens. Whenever the conditions are right for you, Jean, I would be thrilled for a glimpse. The snow here in NY has shrunk enough so normal walking is possible again but Spring is not so advanced as it seems to be for you. Safe trip to you.

  4. That's me in the above comment. My name got cut off.

  5. Gail (nosenabook)10:11 PM

    This RtB sweater didn't click for me when it was one arm and the body, but now there are two stripey sleeves the brown really pulls it together, and I envy the corners you are making!