Monday, February 14, 2011

Here we are – successfully mirrored, so far. I think I like the striped sleeves better now that there are two of them.

Tamar offered this link to one of Meg’s newsletters, in her comment on Friday’s post. Someone had got all the way around the mirror-image half, and couldn’t get the final shoulder join right. I can’t see how it’s possible to get that far without understanding what one is doing. Meg may have been puzzled too. Or I may be heading for a fall.

(You can't see the cut-out neck on the first half very well, because the back fills the space in the picture. Everything's OK in that respect, believe me.)

Mary Lou, (comment yesterday), I would be very grateful indeed if you would make enquiries about Setsuko Torii’s book at The Yarnery. I gather from the Japanese group on Ravelry as well as other hints that it’s well known in Japanese knitting circles. Two or three years ago, there were confident predictions of an English translation, but so far that seems to have come to nothing.

I suddenly find that I have run out of things to say. We sort of hope to go to Strathardle tomorrow – me revitalised with the thought of turning that Araucania project into EZ’s golf shirt. I’ve finished ordering my seeds, and they are now arriving by every post. It’s far too early to do anything with them, but it’s time to prune the autumn raspberries (cut them down to the ground in February – easiest of prunes) and if the ground isn’t frozen, to harvest some Jerusalem artichokes.

But the weather forecast this morning is a bit gloomy about snow on the hills of central Scotland. We don’t like snow.


  1. I am finding your RTB journey amazing. And I wanted to thank you for your book recommendation of A Tuscan Childhood as it was very good. You have never failed me! Safe journey!

  2. Teaching tonight, so I'll check. If they don't have it, I'll ask the book order person to check with the wholesaler. I might have to get a copy for myself, it looks good.

  3. I am quite liking your striped sleeves, Jean. I can't remember- is this sweater for you or are you knitting it for a family member? Have a safe journey to Strathardle.