Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Merchiston Castle school has offered Archie a place, and his parents have accepted it. So here we go.

And Mr Santorum won Alabama and Mississippi. I am enjoying the Republican primaries enormously, although I doubt if I would enjoy watching President Santorum and Mr Netanyahu nuking Iran.

I finished the ribbing of Ketki’s second sock yesterday – the rest will knit itself. The Sweet Tomato heel is easy, once you’ve done one.

I am afraid I ordered all four of those sock yarns yesterday – even before I read your kind, enabling comments. I am full of plans for measuring the balls of people’s feet and their ankles on the shores of Loch Fyne at Easter, and discussing socks with Rachel’s grown up daughters – do they ever wear them? and with Alexander and Rachel’s husband Ed – how adventurous can I be with yarn?

Alexander works from home, and until he needed one for Theo’s wedding, didn’t own a suit. (He was married in his kilt, a "red Robertson", which held its own rather well amidst Hindu finery.) Maybe he would accept a pair of Bedroom-in-Arles socks to go with his wife’s Restaurant-de-la-Sirene-at-Asnieres? Ed wears a suit and very business-like socks during the working week, but perhaps he’d like something more colourful for the happy hours spent at his allotment at the weekends? Such as KF stripes or the Italian flag?

By then the revised vest should be nearly finished, too.

No, Knitlass, I haven’t done anything at all yet about calculations for the second attempt on the vest. We both thought, during the try-on, that two inches need to come off each shoulder. That’s a start. And the angle of decline of the v-neck will need to be steeper if it’s to start later. I will pay closer attention to the prototype, a raggedy vest I knit for my husband decades ago. And, Shandy, you’re quite right that a professional pattern might help. I must have something in my extensive archives. Perhaps even the original pattern leaflet for the raggedy prototype.

I was using Vicki Squares “Knit Great Basics” or whatever it’s called – but perhaps I wasn’t paying enough attention to it.

Miscellaneous (ironic)

When the current adventure in Afghanistan started, there was a group which threw itself into knitting Afghans for Afghans. Maybe they’re still at it. I think I spotted one, covering a corpse in the back of a lorry after Saturday night’s massacre. You probably saw the picture – triangles joined to make squares. 


  1. rosesmama11:14 AM

    I have seen on Ravelry one "Conservative (but Pretty) Dad Vest" that may help with the shaping. Best of luck.

  2. Gerri1:43 PM

    Afghans for Afghans continues on. The last campaign ended Feb 29th. (my sweater probably arrived 3-1, oops)

    Yes, I saw the afghan. All the more reason to carry on.

  3. yesterday i helped unpacking packages and sorting hats and sweaters for the Afghans for Afghans campaign. Still needed, still going strong.

  4. Does this mean Archie gets a pair of socks to help him through his first northern winter?

  5. I wondered about that afghan too - seems we all get the same news footage. Dreadful.