Monday, March 19, 2012

Rejoicing in NYC on Laetare Sunday, 2012:

From left to right, around the table: Hellie’s boyfriend Matt, Matt’s brother, my sister Helen, her son Theo, his wife Jenni, my brother-in-law Roger, my granddaughter Hellie. I don’t know Matt’s brother, or even his name, but once he was identified to me, I recognised the smile.

I rely on you people for useful information, and you never fail me. But equally, for thumbs-up’s to my wildest extravagances. Thanks for the approval (comments yesterday) of my purchase of the future snood from Knit Purl. I have bought Jared's "Convoy" pattern. I like its open stitch -- the Knit Purl pattern is done in seed stitch. But I can't tell, reading it, whether it is going to be easy peasy or an utter pain, in the actual knitting. I am sure I will return to this subject.

The trouble with my 2012 knitting to-do list – this probably applies to all years and to all of us – is that items keep being added to the head of the list, meaning, obviously, that other items are pushed further and further into the future. Notably, here, my Effortless, or VK drape-front sweater as it may prove to be.

For I think my best plan, once the vest has been re-knit and passed as satisfactory, is to knit the snood right away – my 2012 Games entry, 4th Saturday in August. That should free the summer months for Archie’s kilt hose, which he will presumably need when school starts in September. Do read Tamar’s extremely interesting comment yesterday about the history of tartans and their associations with families.

And (for Tamar): a dear friend, a retired naval officer who often wore the kilt and who paid considerable attention to matters of dress, told me that white hose are never worn unless you are in a pipe band. I had thought, until then, that they were appropriate for formal wear, but he said no, for that you need something special. As far as I can remember, the only time I have ever seen hose being worn which were comparable to those in that link, was on my friend’s younger son, at his father’s funeral. It was a memorable sight.

I discover, in tracking down that link, that Kinloch Anderson have produced a panda tartan. Archie might like to consider that.

The computer is being a bit more obliging this morning (because I’m not in a hurry) – here’s the Ravelry link to the Saxon Kilravock hose. Nice, no?

I finished Ketki’s socks last night, and cast on my own Crazy Zauberballs, which will have an afterthought heel. They should advance considerably over the Easter weekend, but for now will be relegated to the Emergency Knitting Bag as I resume the v-neck vest. I am knitting these socks on my new square needles, size 2mm. They didn’t come in 2.25mm, my usual sock-needle size. I bought both 2mm and 2.5mm and have chosen the smaller ones because my new library of sock books keeps recommending firm gauges. I can’t feel the squareness, in use.

The current plan is, Strathardle on Wednesday. We have an appointment there on Friday -- my husband doesn't want to be away the whole week because, with his hand still painful, he can't do anything there. I phoned the woman in charge of the Session House yesterday and learned that the knitting group can use laceweight yarns. I'll make up a package for them.


  1. Surely you don't want to knit argyll stockings? That would be torture! Or maybe I am just a wimp.

  2. Oh... and on the topic of infinity scarfy cowl things... have you seen Kate Davies' new Betty Mouat Cowl - wow!

  3. Oh not argyle? Lovely but oof - those braided cable ones look perfect and do-able without being driven to madness with hanging bobbins.

  4. thanks for the link - I couldn't find it by name yesterday! I wonder what's so special about the 6 ft husband though - does it really make such a difference to having one slightly smaller? (huh, I'd have to add two inches to that then:)) pity that he isn't scottish and doesn't wear kilts. under pants he prefers normal socks....

  5. isn't that normal that the things we want to knit for ourselves are pushed to the back of the line while the items for others get the front position?

  6. Anonymous1:34 AM

    Love the family photo! They all look engaging.
    Jeanne in Rochester