Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Snow in Edinburgh this morning.

The extraordinary thing about this weather is not snow-in-March, that happens. It’s day after day of relentless winter cold, so that the snow lies. It’s enough to make one believe in global warming.

I’m a bit better this morning, after a more comfortable night. But Alexander phoned yesterday evening to say that they have been having something, he had no name for it, it must be a sort of flu, involving fever and misery before it settles in the lungs. He was coughing expressively as he spoke. He was concerned for his father’s lungs.

My husband agrees. We should go over there some other weekend, he thinks. It will be sad to miss Rachel and her family – I didn’t see them at Christmas, as I had just been struck down with the nororvirus when they arrived, and we left for Edinburgh the next day. But needs must. Alexander and I will confer again tomorrow, but I think that’s the way it will go. I must remember to cancel the Hot Cross Bun order.

I abhor horoscopes, but sometimes I peek, and I did notice that the Sunday Times predicted disruption of plans this week for both me (“Instead of struggling to keep existing plans afloat, join those who are exploring new ideas”) and Alexander (“…you need to focus on restrategising existing arrangements and rethinking plans for the future”). Utter rubbish.

My spell check doesn’t like “restrategising” and I can sympathize.

The Relax is still four and a half rounds, plus bind-off, short of completion. But it doesn’t matter now.


  1. I won't take you on over climate change as this is a subject I teach and I don't want to lecture....

    What's so odd about the snow is getting up when it's light to find the world covered in fluffy white stuff. It seems okay to do this when it's dark, but now that the light is coming back it feels very strange.

    Anyway, I hope you are soon restored to full health - and able to keep warm and snug in the bitter cold and wind.

  2. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Could you freeze extra hot cross buns? They would likely be fun another time if the order is too large for two to consume.
    I am completely tired of Toronto's winter this year. However just yesterday I saw crocus and snowdrop flowers for the first time. There is hope for Spring yet!

  3. How very disappointing to be missing Easter, particularly when you Christmas break was ruined by illness too. This weather has to end soon, surely.

  4. I'd not risk that coughing story - my mother suffered from that for nearly three months until she got rid of it! no point in risking being miserable for weeks just to see the family...
    and to anonymous: you can freeze hot cross buns quite well, I've done it for years, because I always make too many:)

  5. =Tamar6:35 PM

    Better safe, though disappointing. Coughs are not the simple things they used to be.

  6. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Try Jakeman's cough lollies which at least relieve the cough and may possible do more. Until a year ago they were easily found in the major supermarkets in Peterborough and elsewhere, either in the sweets section or the "medicated" sweets section. You need only one to make an improvement. (They are not to be sold to under 16s so they must have Something Strong in them though nothing awful appears on the contents list.)


    1. Never heard of them. On the shopping list for today. Thanks.