Sunday, December 01, 2013

I am being driven mad by pop-up ads this morning. Why is that?

Archie is here -- he may know what to do when he wakes up. He has solved a major problem already, by figuring out how to load my .XLS spreadsheets in Open Office on the new computer. "Just look, Grandmother. Right-click here and..." I've no idea how he did it.

I went to the post office and paid the charge on the yarn for the Sensible Christmas Project. It should be here by Tuesday or Wednesday at the worst, and shouldn't take all that long to knit. I've really got to get started on the Christmas cards.


  1. Good to have 'man' already in to help you!

  2. =Tamar5:26 AM

    Get Archie to write it down. Then go over it with him, and make him watch while you do it; don't let him touch the keyboard or anything. Computer people always go too fast for me, and they try to take over and "show me" which means I don't learn anything. Sometimes I have to forced them to wait while I write everything down in longhand in words that make sense to me.

  3. =Tamar5:27 AM

    P.S. I feel I must mention that the code word I got for the just-previous comment was "prod Hal" - Hal 9000 being the computer in _2001_, of course.