Thursday, December 12, 2013

Not much this morning. Not much was done yesterday -- certainly no mattress stitch. Archie is safely here, and seems in good spirits. And the car is back.

The problem there, Jean, was partly my own indolence but also the fact that our garage had perished, unknown to me. I thought an estimate had been submitted to the insurers, when it hadn't. Once a cross letter from the insurance company had alerted me to the situation, all moved briskly. The good news is a) Lothian busses admitted liability so we didn't even have to pay the excess; and b) the bodywork firm who ended up with the work seem very pleasant, young and efficient -- they can go on taking care of the car, including picking it up and returning it after servicing.

So now I'll go make Archie some bacon and eggs to fortify him for the trip to Athens.

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