Thursday, December 05, 2013

The first storm of winter, today. Much wind and rain – presumably snow elsewhere. Lights keep flickering – a reminder to save one's document.

No yarn. I did get another of those we-could-not-deliver-your-item-because cards, this time asking for £1.50 in unpaid postage. That couldn't refer to the yarn package, could it? But I stuck stamps on – affixed them, in the Royal Mail's preferred locution -- and posted it off at once. The trouble with the current situation, and my inability to pay the original fee on-line last weekend, is that I now no longer have the original card with the reference number on it. I'll collar a postman if I can find a windblown one in the street – we have a pretty good team.

But we're reaching the point where I have to start thinking of another present for X. I'll still knit the Sensible Christmas Project when I finally get my hands on that package, but it may involve wrapping and trudging to the PO, two hated chores, and deprive me of the pleasure of seeing her open it.

I am very grateful indeed, as so often before, for your help with my photography problem. You guys know everything. I have now, at least, got my Picture Library set up. I have figured out – no, I haven't; I followed your instructions, Southern Gal – how to load my pictures into Paint for editing; a good deal more complicated than good old OfotoNow, but I ought to be able to rise to the challenge. And, as you say, it's right here already.

But I also like the idea of storing pictures in heaven, which would encourage me to organise them. On Old Slowcoach, an awful lot of good ones are just stored in folders named after the date they were taken. I post them here, and after that they fester unappreciated. I want to work through all of the ideas you have suggested.

Okay, so what actually happened yesterday? Not much. My husband's eye appt didn't furnish as much knitting time as expected. It was kept promptly, and it didn't involve dilating eyedrops and a 20 minute wait. I finished the heel all right, but scarcely started down the foot. Taxis are a pleasant means of transport, but expensive. I used my mobile telephone to summon one to the Eye Hospital to take us home – that may sound pretty routine to you, but was a real achievement for me.

Zite informs me that the new Knitty is out – Franklin is writing (essentially) about colour choices, and promises a new class on the subject. That's grand, as long as he doesn't abandon the one on setting in zippers before I get there. And that reminded me that there might be a new Twist Collective – there is, and Franklin is writing about Yarn Stores He Has Known. I haven't even looked through the patterns yet.


  1. Do take care in this awful weather. I gather the meadows is a scene of tree carnage again...

  2. I'm glad you find MS Paint easy to work with. Even though it's disparaged by most people who work with photos, when you're doing simple edits to make the pictures presentable it can't be beat.

    Franklin's scarf is the big hit of the Knitty issue. You'll enjoy it.