Thursday, January 29, 2015

Greek Helen's husband David had four hours of surgery yesterday. It went well. No colostomy – strewth! I hadn't even known that was threatened. There's no more news this morning. I'll acquire some during the day. General anaesthetic is one of my absolute horrors – I'll be glad when I have been fully assured that he is fully conscious.

We're having a bit of winter weather. Our steps were icy last night, and I awoke in a panic this morning wondering whether I could put the bottles and newspapers (=heavy) out for recycling without killing myself. It's a fortnightly job. Alternate Thursdays are cardboard-and-plastic. That's easy.

We have a broad platform outside our door, where my pots and troughs stand, then six steps down, then there's a broad pavement to cross. I began with sweeping the snow, and then salting. I proceeded with infinite caution, and the job is successfully done.

But it's taken time, and a plumber is coming this morning to see about our water pressure, so I won't linger here.


  1. Good news all around, then.

  2. Caution pays - what I don't know. Hope David is fine.