Thursday, January 15, 2015

I've fiddled away this precious hour putting out the recycling – this is Paper and Bottles week; we have lots of both, and they're heavy. So I'll have to be brisk, here.

I finished the border of the Unst Bridal Shawl yesterday, not without difficulty. There was another break in the yarn. I attached a sound length, and got ¾ of the way along the little row before noticing that I was knitting with the short end. It happens to all of us – at least I hope it does (in a way) because it is a frequent stupidity of mine.

Unpicking is never easy with lace, and it didn't go entirely well. However, it's done, and I don't think there are any errant stitches. Today I'll remind myself how to graft in garter stitch. It's easy, I remember, but slightly different. I'll join the beginning and the end of the edging, and then leave the tidying and the blocking for a bit.

For what bit? Until the Income Tax is filed and tidied away, for one thing. Until I figure out where I can block it, for another. We are great procrastinators on the grounds of not doing something until something else has been done. Our children – I haven't told you this – gave me a MacBook Pro for Christmas. My husband, who blames all his difficulties with his computer on my inadequacies, says that I mustn't start using it until...

Until what? I don't think even he knows. And the only way to engage with a computer is to start doing it. So, soon.

I am beginning to think that my husband's computer really does have it in for him. Why on earth, for instance, when it has been turned off and rebooted – a process he tries to avoid, but sometimes it gets away from him – does it start off in Word with the document at 50% size? Yesterday, trying to rectify this situation – I know what to do – I found it obstinately unresponsive. In View, I kept clicking on the up-arrow to increase the zoom factor (or whatever you call it) and it wouldn't budge. The other approach, moving that slider in the lower right-hand corner, wouldn't budge either. What's going on?

I've been back to Zite – I feel 2015 is really getting started. I do love January. Here is a link (I hope) to a whole knitted kitchen in Warwick, Australia.

And Loop was doing a rather interesting KAL involving a pattern by Norah Gaughan, I thought, and madelinetosh DK. A loose-fitting and low-necked thingy with interesting cables, that you sort of drop on over whatever else you are wearing. Just the thing for Greece? But there probably isn't time, and this morning I can't find it.


  1. skeindalous10:16 AM

    Was interested in your mention of the Norah Gaughn KAL. Found it on Ravelry. Called Sous Sous. Don't know how to put a link here, but should be easy to find on Rav. Nice pattern.

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  3. Is it this one?

  4. You are absolutely NOT the only one to proceed using the short end. It happens so often - frequently when I cast on for a pair of socks and am joining the four needles. In that case, I just throw it at the wall, retrieve it and rip out the lot before starting again!

    1. I tell new knitters that we all knit with the short end sometimes, even when we have been knitting for decades!

  5. I use the short end all the time. The worst is when it isn't that short, and I've gone 3/4 of the way around a sock cast on. A MacBook sitting there, waiting? Oh Jean, such self-restraint.

  6. Your children gave you a beautiful gift an I'm sure they would like you to USE it. Enjoy it as soon as possible!

    As for MSWord, is the enable editing button showing at the top? I'm Guessing not or you won't be able to see the View menu. .

  7. Congratulations on your Mac book. I agree with the poster above and your restraint. I would have opened it fairly immediately upon receiving.

    Have fun!

  8. Anonymous3:21 PM

    I think Sous Sous would be just the thing for Athens - go for it!

  9. So glad to hear you got your Mac, I had been wondering about that. Don't let it sit too long. I don't know about you, but sometimes when I don't act on something, it gets built up in my mind and I procrastinate even more.

  10. MaureenTakoma6:28 PM

    I've lost count of the number of times I started knitting with the short end. You are not alone in this regard. To paraphrase the old saying, your husband's not the boss of you. Seems to me there's plenty of time to continue helping him with his work and also enjoy that most generous gift.

  11. Most computer problems are known as

    Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard

  12. Yayyyy for getting a Mac! You're going to LOVE it!! :)

  13. =Tamar6:43 AM

    Hooray for finishing the Unst shawl border!

  14. Absolutely loved being able to look up the press release from the National Gallery, following the link, and seeing the other pictures in the gallery where "your" painting is to be found. It looked surprisingly like a Dutch interior in that company.

  15. Get the new computer connected!