Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuesday is Cleaning Woman day, and this one also brings with it another hospital appt – dentistry. So there won't be much here. It's the last hospital appt in what has been a busy month of them.

I'm happily knitting that sleeve. You may remember that long, long ago I came upon a skein that seemed solider in colour than the preceding ones, so I am doing what they tell you to do, and alternating it with another skein  round by round. It works fine as far as colour is concerned, but it is a nuisance, and also has the effect of making the two skeins seem absolutely endless.

I have broken them off the body and taken them with me to the sleeve. It seemed the only thing to do. I am glad to say that at last they are beginning to seem diminished.

“Best in Show” turned up yesterday, and will be a good addition to the books on my Oddities shelf. Dog-knitting looks feasible. The yarns specified are Rowan, easy to inspect in John Lewis. The dog in question is a Jack Russell. It will be necessary to get colour and markings more or less right. It's a “parson Jack Russell” in fact – that's a new one to me. The friend who owns it is going to drive us to the dental hospital.We'll be able to discuss the project a bit further on the way.

The Pakokku sock has benefited somewhat from all these appts. I'm around the second heel at last. Today should move things forward still further. Dentistry is the one speciality which doesn't involve me in the consultation.


  1. Jack Russell used to be a mongrel of a recognisable type. Then the Kennel Club bowed to pleas to make them register-able, and the ones that are registered and have a pedigree became "Parson Jack Russell" after the clergyman who originally got a terrier he liked, and bred to stabilise her characteristics. Jack Russells still exist - they are pretty much the same as Parson Jack Russells, but without the certificate.

  2. I can't resist saying the thought that occurred to me just after I posted the above - they are all mongrels (as are we all) but the plain Jack Russells are "without benefit of clergy"