Wednesday, July 06, 2016

We’ve got a particularly heavy summer of Exam Results this year – Archie, hoping to read English at Glasgow; his brother Mungo, aiming for Ancient Greek and Arabic at Oxford; and their cousin Rachel, James’ and Cathy’s daughter, Chinese and Russian at Leeds. I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone.

Mungo, in Athens, sat the International Baccalaureate, whose results come in first. He needed an overall score of 39 (don’t ask me) to secure his Oxford place. His mother Helen rang up yesterday afternoon, her voice all shaky, and I thought the worst had happened. But no: he got 45, the top score, achieved by fewer than half of 1% of candidates. His place is secure. Oxford is used to clever young people, and can cut him down to size if that is required and, more usefully, introduce him to other clever young people who will be his life-long friends.

Meanwhile, Archie had a good first day as a cold-caller, with nothing to show for it. The men he was assigned clearly talked to him, but took positions similar to yours, Isabella (comment yesterday).

[Tamar, here’s a link to the site which makes me think our mother was right, and that the Wells Organisation pioneered this sort of thing in the ‘50’s.]


Two very exciting matches today. Tsonga won’t be easy for Murray, nor Cilic for Federer. Southern Gal, I’d love to join you in a chat room on Sunday (comment yesterday) – assuming a least one of our heroes lasts that long. It’ll have to be something easy for old ladies to manage – but I do have Archie here to help.

And I got a couple more points of the Hansel hap edging done yesterday: OKC (Obligatory Knitting Content).


  1. Clever children - must run in the family! I had a chance to look at Dr. Neil's Garden website. A dream - we're going together if I ever to to Edinburgh again.

  2. Wow! Huge congratulations to Mungo!!!

  3. =Tamar3:34 PM

    Ah. I'd looked at the Wells Foundation, but your link is (at first) about the Wells Organization. Thanks!

  4. Ah!! That match with Federer was tense! I am so happy he got through in the end. I would never be sad to see Murray win the whole thing, but ... my heart always belongs to Fed!

    In America, we have even less people who follow tennis at all. It was so weird to walk on the streets the day Djokovic lost and to know that a) no one knows and b) no one cares!

    1. i am just watching Rogers match - am in the fourth set. i do know how it ended but i had to watch the scoreboard on the website at my desk as i had a very busy day on the phone the whole time. i couldnt scream at the end although i will on Sunday. i am always so impressed by his ability to dig deep to stay in . one shot at a time. really to have the mental FORTITUDE to sit in his chair after that second set and be able to go into the third set and at 3-3 seize the opportunity that Cilic gave him... unbelievable and that is why i admire him! an item on my bucket list is to see him play but US Open tickets being so expensive that will probably never happen. thank goddesses for tv coverage as a substitute.

      onward to FRIDAY - i may have to eschew social media as i will be at work again and it will be a tough match again. Raonic is in great shape... sigh
      GO ROGER!

    2. I will look into setting up a chat - it would be great fun!

    3. CONGRATS to your Grandson I know you are THRILLED as are his parents (but really not surprised as he is your grandson!)

  5. Well done Mungo! But, everyone else, believe me he worked very, very hard for the results. I've seen how hard the IB students here need to work. The IB requires not just depth but breadth and it doesn't suit all students by any means.

  6. Wow! That's an amazing IB score. Congratulations all round.

    As for the tennis - Federer is not my favourite, but he is very good at turning things round and just never giving up. I watched the match very briefly in the 4th set tie-break. What a thriller.

  7. Anonymous9:01 PM

    I agree with the other commentors above that 45 points is a great IB result! Congratulations Mungo!
    Ancient Greek and Arabic is an interesting combination.
    I am almost finished two small projects and may dive into a half Hansel myself next. I had bought the yarn last year from a local farmer. She has since sold her sheep so I am glad I did add to that stash that time.
    Enjoy the tennis!