Friday, December 08, 2017

A fairly idle day, recovering from yesterday – and this evening, I must do my Italian homework. I do Italian every day, my Duolingo lessons and Yabla videos. But somehow the real homework always gets left for Friday night, or even Saturday morning – Federica comes at 9, but I get up early.

But I got some sit-down-y, computer-y things done today, including ordering a skirt to wear to Palermo. I think it should be pleasantly warm, Shandy, certainly compared to Edinburgh. It’s a substantial distance due south of Naples. And there will be more light. Rain is probably the danger.

And Kristen, yes, naps are planned. Our hotel is called the Hotel del Centro, chosen largely because it offers single rooms (and internet).  I’ve got a street map of Palermo and have located on it various places of interest (including the Duchess’ palazzo) – the hotel seems to live up to its name. It should be easy to get back there for a lie-down.

We’ve gone ahead and said yes to the Magnet kitchen, and I’ve found a reconditioned Aga. That will be something to worry about once I get back from Italy, just as Palermo is something to worry about once I get past Christmas.

I got three more scallops done today – better than nothing. 


  1. Anonymous2:22 PM

    I picture your new AGA and Magnet kitchen touched with enough color to invite you to cook and family and friends to sit around your table chatting and eating:) You have so many things going on - new baby, new shawl, new kitchen, Christmas, Palermo adventure with a terrific grandson. You know I am setting the stage for a request for pictures of all in line of their happening.
    Actually, Just a bit miffed that we are yet to see your charming Italian instructor. Hmmmm?

  2. Such progress and pleasant things to anticipate. Including your husbands magnum opus. I was eyeing a recipe for Sicilian pistachio cake in the New York Times this morning. I imagine groves of pistachio trees in bloom for you.