Sunday, December 03, 2017

It's always nice, every other Sunday, to see a week arrive which will bring me another episode of Fruity Knitting.

Otherwise, I've had a do-nothing day. I can’t even claim dolce far niente, as it wasn’t particularly dolce.

I did, at least, make a list of the many things I ought to be doing, and did one of them, namely to order some sock yarn for the journey to Palermo. I’ve got some (of course) but nothing very interesting.

I ordered a ball of Arne&Carlos’ “Pairfect” socks – a Regia self-striping yarn which incorporates an ingenious system for producing identical socks. The only trouble with that, as Palermo knitting, is that I really ought to be knitting socks for Archie. And the way I knit gents’ socks, I need more than 100 grams. I finish off the invisible toes with something from the odd-ball bag.

I also ordered a lively ball of one of their other, non-pairfect, colourways. I could take that, and keep the Pairfects back for a daughter.

JennyS, I took your excellent advice, cancelled my Amazon order, and ordered the Japanese Stitch Bible from Blackwell’s. It costs a bit more but so what, if they can actually deliver the book.

Italian & other

Chloe (comment yesterday) I think maybe – without looking it up – “fontanelle” might mean “little fountains”. The cemetery seems to be so-called because the nearest street is the Via delle Fontanelle. That leaves the question of why the hole in the top of a baby’s head is so called.

And, no, my first iPad wasn’t protected with the Find My iPad app. My present one is – but if I ever need it, which Heaven forfend, I will have forgotten how to use it, and even which computer it is installed on.

Now I’ll go do a bit of knitting.


  1. I'm binge-watching Friity Knitting in an attempt to catch up. Tonight I'll watch episode 29 with Tom Dennis from Tarndie. I met him a few years ago at the Bendigo Wool Show (our major wool festival). He quickly became known as TTHF (Tom the Hot Farmer)among the knitters as he has remarkable eyes and a lovely smile. Much too young for me of course.

  2. So glad you have a copy of JSB heading your way. You will love it.

  3. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Thank you, Jean, that makes sense about the street name. The wording in Wikipedia was a little misleading. I agree about remembering how to use that app. I planned on relying on others to inform me if needed. But if it also requires remembering a dedicated password assigned by me many years ago, I will be out of luck as well! Glad you are getting your book. As efficient as Amazon is, there is no substitute for buying in person. (Although I am sure Amazon is working on it.). Chloe

  4. You may want to consider a password manager like last pass that works on all devices. And you can share your master password for the app with your daughter. This app is fabulous. I have it set up on my mother’s computer and can access it and remind her of her passwords although since I set it up it automatically logs her in. You have to log in when you start your computer or laptop It’s also on iPad and all mobile devices. Really a saver and then you only have one password to remember and can destroy all your written down and dangerously accessible passwords.

    1. also, i dont remember how long ago the iPad went missing but if you have a copy of your receipt it should have info that you could use and perhaps Apple can help you track it. if it indeed was stolen then they may be able to find it by the internal id (i think they can do this - or the police).

  5. I was rummaging in yarn bins last night to find something suitable to give to my goddaughter who is expecting and wants to start knitting again. (Baby presents!!) I was surprised that I had very little 'real' sturdy sock yarn of the A and C variety. I recently bought a skein of West Yorkshire Spinners self striping and it was the only intact skein I had.