Saturday, December 02, 2017

I’ve calmed down a bit since the discovery of the keys, but yesterday will remain a red-letter day. I don’t think it offers any hope for the iPad, though – I think that must have been stolen, although it’s a very uncomfortable thought. The irony was underlined recently when Vasily’s admirable wife Daniella did find one when she was cleaning – it was in the spare room; it was James’s; I had totally failed to spot it, and he, who relies entirely on his telephone, hadn’t registered the loss.

I gave it back to him when I went to London for Orla’s Christening.

Valerie (comment Thursday), thank you very much for the pointer to “News in Slow Italian”. I will persevere. I’ve listened to “Intermediate” and it sounds a bit too slow – I will try to find Advanced. I had a good lesson with my tutor this morning; it was one of the days when I felt I might actually be getting somewhere. I have been very fortunate in her. I have a new friend, as well as somewhat extended fluency.  My homework was to investigate and write a short essay about the Cimitero delle Fontanelle in Naples and I did pretty well.

I agree, Chloe, that Latin and enthusiasm go a long way in Italy. I have been reading “Jamie’s Italy” (a Jamie Oliver cookbook). I’m sure he has about a dozen Italian words and plenty of enthusiasm and gets on fine.

As for knitting, I was too emotionally prostrate yesterday for anything but a few calming rows of the Soutache. Today I returned to the edging of the new baby shawl, but I still haven’t reached the (ever-receding) third corner. One more scallop to go, and then the fourth side.

Hazel Tindall’s DVD’s have arrived, “50 Tips from Shetland Knitters”. I can’t persuade my DVD player to show them to me, despite having used it recently for a tedious Italian movie, but I have every hope that I can play them on the computer.

Japanese Knit Stitch Bible

It is incredibly kind of you to offer to send it, SamKD. I am sure it will turn up here eventually, and I don’t want to burden you (or myself) with trudging to the post office where patience would suffice. But I am and will remain extremely grateful.

I am sure it is wonderful. I had the same sort of feeling you describe, Melfina, when Sharon Miller’s “Heirloom Knitting” was published. For the first six months, at least, I kept it on the table in the sitting room within easy reach. 


  1. Anonymous7:03 AM

    After Alazon said it could not supply my pre-order of the Japanese book, I found it readily available at is a stunning book.

  2. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Jean, as often happens when reading your blog, you send me running to Wikipedia. My Latin didn't help me with Fontanelle, although at least I knew it didn't mean "fountain". If you are writing about ossuaries you are way above my pay level in reading and writing comprehension. I wasn't a reader back when you lost your iPad but wonder if you had been advised when purchasing it to upload the Find My iPad app? It can't pry it out of the clutches of a thief but at the very least it tells you if it's in the house and if not, lock it. But judging by the outcome you did not, and I hope that you have it now. I use it often to reassure myself it's just under a magazine somewhere and so far so good:-). I do hope you find it one day! Chloe