Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I know this isn’t what you’re here to read about, but: my quiz programme has vanished from the television schedules. All old ladies have a favourite quiz programme. I read somewhere once that the Queen shares my fondness for this one – Pointless, it’s called. Apart from anything else, it gives structure to my aimless days. Whatever else I am or (more likely) am not doing, I sit down at 5:15 with my knitting, to watch Pointless.

It hasn’t been on recently because all the air time was needed for tennis and football. And then, yesterday, suddenly and with no explanation, there was a different quiz in its place. The BBC website says only “No upcoming broadcasts” – you can’t get much more stark than that. And Googling, to my surprise, produces no answers or even comments.

I’m not much of a photographer, and fear my cruise pictures will disappoint. Also, I’ll need to figure out how to get some of them out of my telephone. Shandy, you’re right, about random groups of people – I fully expected that at least one of my fellow-passengers would be unbearable. But none were. Mr Majestic rang up the day after I got back, to say that I had left my falls alarm behind. (I had already realised that, and by now, he has sent it to me.) I told him the cruise had been wonderful, and that we had been a harmonious group. He said, Yes, the crew remarked on that.

I have since learned, from one of you, that the Skipper’s mother belongs to her knitting group. One doesn’t think of Skippers as having mothers – it’s a wonderful bit of small-world-ery.

There is an ad in the current Waitrose magazine for Viking Ocean Cruises. It says, “From the comfort of a stunning small ship that is home to just 930 guests…”

We spent a whole day anchored at Stornoway. (The seals mistook us for a genuine fishing boat and swam up close asking for tidbits. Their flippers, just below the surface, are unnervingly hand-like.) In the morning, we went ashore in the town, and in the afternoon a coach trip was laid on to the Callanish Stones and other points of historic interest. (We’re in Alice Starmore territory here.)

We were sitting over the remains of lunch, recovering from the one and revving ourselves up for the other, when the Engineer came along to clear the table. “You’re awfully quiet,” he said. “What have you been up to?”

Try saying that to 930 people, Rob.


  1. GrannyPurple7:35 PM

    Just another confirmation that Knitters Are Everywhere! The cruise sounds like a preview of heaven. And I'm sure we're all so glad you're back.

  2. There is a cruise with P & O on the Ventura next May linked with Knitting & Crochet Guild. There will be workshops and a presentation about the Guild.

    I have just returned from the guilds convention held at Warwick University Radcliffe Centre, an excellent venue. Learnt so much, laughed a lot, everyone was helpful. Speakers included Brandon Mably, Sasha Kagan, founder member Pauline Turner.

  3. BBC's frequently asked questions page says "Pointless is currently taking a break and will be back later in the Su mmer."

  4. Anonymous11:11 AM

    What good luck, Jean, about your fellow cruisers. It will be interesting to see what you plan for next year:). Chloe

  5. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Welcome back. so much looking forward to hearing about your adventure...and how Archie fared with the cats! I too am missing Pointless. I learned much more about African geography and Presidents of the USA than I knew before.
    Helen (anon)

  6. Jean this sounds like knitters heaven, indeed. I am so happy it all worked out, from getting there with Archie to getting back to Wimbledon. (I did root against Anderson on your behalf.) I look forward to hearing more and seeing whatever photos you have. Welcome home!

  7. Anonymous2:50 PM

    I'm so glad you enjoyed your cruise. I would like to be able to pluck up the courage to do it on my own. I'm also missing Pointless - it is the anchor in my day! But I had noticed quite a few repeats recently and I think it has probably become necessary for them to take a break.

  8. We like “Pointless “ as well, whenever we are in Europe and can get the BBC we watch it while we relax from the day’s sightseeing.