Saturday, July 21, 2018

I’m sorry for the gap. There’s nothing wrong, exactly. I had hoped that my bold ventures into the Western Isles and then to Wimbledon would restore me to youthful vigour, but that hasn’t happened. I am droopier than ever, and not knitting at all.

I am going to Strathardle next week, with my cats and James and Cathy and their daughters – their son Alistair being about to plunge into his new, postgraduate job. Maybe that will do the trick.

Here, at least, is a cruise picture for you, taken at Tarbert on the island of Harris, after supper one night. Paradise.

That was the only place where we actually docked – otherwise we were at anchor, and went ashore in the tender. That was easily enough managed, but meant that we had to stay ashore until the tender came back. I gave it a miss, sometimes. I am especially sorry to have thus skipped Dunvegan Castle, on Skye, on the way back.

But on Tarbert, I walked ashore and visited a mill where the weaving of tweed was being demonstrated, rather boring, and took these pictures of our dear boat on the way back:

We saw lots of yachts, everywhere, but only one other cruise ship, at Tobermory on Mull. It wasn’t big-big-big like the ones my husband used to enjoy collecting pictures of towering over Venice, but big enough, several hundred passengers. We all felt very happy with our choice as we left it behind after lunch.

I’ve put my name on a waiting list for the two Majestic cruises I would fancy for next year. And, of course, I can go in 2020 if I feel sufficiently sprightly. That doesn’t, at the moment, seem very likely.

Moorecat, you’re right, the whole point of Pointless is the rapport – that’s not entirely the mot juste, but neither is "tension" – between the two presenters. While I wait, perhaps I should take up a soap opera again. My day lacks a focal point.


  1. Oh my goodness, that looks beautiful! And it seems as though you had perfect weather.

  2. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Such a lovely photo.
    Gives the feeling of movement, scuse me - maybe I need my Dramamine.
    Pardon my nosiness, but have you continued with your kimchee regime ? Seems like it provided you with energy and health..pgnitter

  3. Lovely pic. Dunno about a soap though, the only British one I know is Eastenders cause it used to be on BBC America every Saturday and I wasn't a fan. If you want to keep up/practice your Italian, maybe see if you can find an Italian series/soap you can watch on YouTube? If they're anything like telenovelas (Latin American soaps), they're fairly easy to follow even without a good grasp of the language (my Spanish even at my best was seriously lacking in audio comprehension).

    1. That's a brilliant idea, Melfina. I'll ask my tutor. At the moment I'm watching Italian cookery on YouTube. The soap we used to watch was/is Neighbours. A nice man on my cruise was for many years producer of Emmerdale.