Saturday, August 04, 2018

A good day for exercise, anyway.

I walked up to Valvona & Crolla. The route took me past a classy new local restaurant – so classy it has no menu, and an unpronounceable Gaelic name like a Kate Davies pattern. So classy, as it turns out, that I couldn’t find it, although I had left home with the assurance from Google Maps that it was a 5-minute walk from here, and a firm impression of exactly where it was.

I’ll persevere.

Valvona & Crolla, at least, was where I have always found it in the past. I was in search of ingredients for Gennaro Contaldo’s “Ultimate Stuffed Amalfi Lemon”. You’ll find it on YouTube, under that title. There’s something similar in the book “Jamie’s Italian”. I got my ingredients, and found some other things including a string of Tropea onions which I had looked for in vain in Palermo. The total weight made the return journey an ordeal.

But I got here, and will soon stuff a lemon for my supper.

I got not much further with Rachel’s sock last night. I really need some compelling television. 

I like Kate Davies’ new pattern “St Catherines”. [Jean, it is no use admiring patterns when you can’t knit more than half-a-heel-flap in 24 hours.] The link is to a blog entry, and I am on the edge of my chair to discover what she means by the statement that “…my appearance has recently undergone quite a radical change.” We are promised a revelation soon, along with another version of St Catherines with more ease.

So I didn’t go to Kathy’s Knits to buy “Ziggurat” after all. Kathy’s is still there on Broughton Street, no such difficulty, I saw it as I tottered past, but I was by then really struggling under the weight of those onions. Next week.


  1. So glad you are back. I cannot be of any help on TV choices. My husband (some dementia there) likes Father Brown; I like Foyle's War. He controls the remote. Despite promising Foyle's War he always clicks to Father Brown. Trivial but it ticks me off. Still nice to have him about.

  2. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Can we guess about the change in appearance?

    Mine is that she's pregnant.

    Beverly in NJ

  3. Perhaps a wheeled shopping trolley? Here is a link to Amazon showing what I mean. I think the ones that have 3 wheels on the back for going up stairs might be useful


  5. I am going to guess that she has done something drastic to her hair: short cut and radical dye job (fuchsia, purple, or platinum).

  6. You may do this already but if not, have you considered a small day pack/rucksack for carrying shopping around? SO MUCH easier than dangling shopping bags from your hands, or even a shoulder tote bag. A day pack keeps the weight close into your centre of gravity and stops you wobbling off balance. Soft padded shoulder straps make it comfortable to wear. I stopped using even so much as a handbag years ago because of all this, I have a soft 20 litre back pack instead and it's amazing how much I can carry around in it without even noticing. Hand held bags only come out for dress up events now.

  7. skeindalous12:56 PM

    Definitely the hair...although I can't imagine her gone fuschia!

  8. I would recommend a bundle buggy as well, think of all the yarn you could bring home in one.

  9. Not pregnant - just cut her hair short at the grey. And she looks MAHveLOUS:)!

  10. Replies
    1. Google and blogger at odds again. I was commenting. I think. A trolley shopping bag on wheels would work. And it’s her hair