Wednesday, August 15, 2018

An Oberlin friend writes what I think might be called a private blog, addressed almost every day to 20 or 30 family and friends. She tells us what she’s been doing. She is fully my age, if not a few months older, far more sociable and energetic, carrying far more responsibility. It is a daily pleasure to read about her.

That is the sort of blog this is turning into, as knitting falls from my listless fingers. Except less energetic.

I got up to Valvona and Crolla again today, so plenty of exercise. And spotted the new, fancy-schmancy restaurant at last. I must have walked past it at least twice.

I’ve thought of a whole new anxiety – if Archie and I go to Italy in October, I might miss the starting gun for EYF ’19 classes.  Someone could always act on my behalf. I'll have wi-fi wherever I go: I can choose my classes. It's only the finger-on-the-button bit that might not work. 


  1. I wonder if you need to embark on a new knitting project - something more interesting than socks but not so challenging as the vest where you are on the most difficult sections. It's not that long ago that you were knitting Uncia. Perhaps one of Kate Davies' recent lace shawls might fit the bill.

  2. I enjoy your blog whether or not there is knitting in it!

    1. Anonymous11:48 PM

      -- Gretchen (aka stashdragon)

  3. Anonymous10:41 PM

    I second Kay's comment!


  4. Anonymous12:13 PM

    I have found it a lot of fun to knit with the radio. Maybe you could knit along with a favorite program every day, short or long. It might give you just enough knitting for the day to satisfy you. But you are just as interesting without knitting content so don't do it for our sake! Chloe

  5. I would read your blog if you just typed nonsense letters!

    Agree about the knitting to radio. I have stopped knitting because of a recent move and all the subsequent problems and settling in unpacking that has issued in its wake One day.

  6. I have really not thought of this as a knitting blog only, just the thoughts of a friend who knits! Even if you have lost a bit of the knitting mojo at the moment. I seem to have lost the blogging mojo, myself.

  7. I second Mary Lou's comment:)! Yours is the blog I look for first - exactly like hearing from a friend who knits. I am amazed that you can post almost daily! My blog is lucky if it gets attention monthly! Your knitting is a pleasure to see and you always seem to have something interesting to say. Knitting is supposed to be an enjoyable activity. Only thing to do is what you can when you can. It'll get done.