Friday, August 30, 2019

Tomorrow would have been my 63rd wedding anniversary. We never observed anniversaries, so it doesn’t much matter. This is one of the years when days and dates measure up. The 31st of August was Saturday in 1957, I think you’ll find.

Things went better today, knitting-wise. I tinked yesterday’s error, re-knit it, and then the rest of the row – and knit back again. I am now ready to start the row I wrongly started yesterday. In which I will establish the final small motifs in the Spring Shawl central triangle.

I also ordered Hoxbro’s “Traditional Danish Sweaters”. The new VK says that it is an “important book”. I am a sucker for such statements. I feel a certain unease – I know about those Danish night shirts. How? Do I have an earlier edition of this book?  Perhaps an article by Hoxbro somewhere. Amazon promises it for tomorrow.

I think the pattern in the new VK which I’d most like to knit – I never will – is the prize-winning Amber Leafy Coat by Quinny Zhang. Brioche is a lot of fun. Some of the shawls are tempting, too.

That’s about it. The new great-granddaughter is now very near. Her father looks forward to watching the next match in the Ashes series with her. Or if not that, the one after.

Since I have introduced politics to these pages, I ought to go ahead and say how sad I am that Ruth Davidson has left the stage. She was totally unexpected, and terrific. Her going makes Scottish independence much more likely. That’s not a prospect I relish, although things are in such a muddle down south that it no longer seems quite as bad as it once did.


  1. I think I have seen the Danish Sweaters book - but I also think I have seen something about them somewhere else - perhaps in Richard Rutt's History.

  2. The book is typical Hoxbro - well researched and with a good many charts. Useful if you design your own and, even if you don't, the variations in star patterns are fascinating.
    I am watching the politics with interest.

  3. =Tamar5:25 PM

    Another must-buy book, I guess. I've been interested in those sweaters for a long time. Not that I'll ever knit one, but just as a matter of interest.