Monday, September 09, 2019

Not much – as usual. I’ve moved the stitches from the top of the Spring Shawl triangle back onto a needle of their own, and have proceeded on the border stitches, not without a certain amount of anxiety as to whether I am knitting a complicated moebius for myself. We’ll soon see. I am just about finished the with plain rows, ready to embark on the exciting bit.

Andrew & Andrea tomorrow, I think – it seems like a long time.

Alas, weavinfool (comment yesterday) – Paradox is today undoubtedly in heat. No kittens, unless I can find a suitor for her.

Greek Helen turned up this afternoon, and showed me how to forward pictures from WhatsApp on my telephone. The trouble is, they don’t turn up anywhere. There’s a nice one of Ruby (the new great-granddaughter) being fitted into her sister’s Golliwog (a design of Mary Lou’s) – but it’s far too big for her. One day soon, I’ll be able to show you, I hope.

Meanwhile I continue to read Phineas Redux with delight.


  1. A friend has a grand daughter called Ruby, and was equally appalled, but after a bit it is just who they are. I'm honored to think that she will be growing into the sweater.

  2. I have a granddaughter named Ruby and she has been a delight since the day she was born.:)

  3. Did you mean Polliwog? Auto correct is so unhelpful.